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Welcome to the Apocalypse Blog Hop, hosted by Heidi of Rainy Day Ramblings, Maja of The Nocturnal Library and Christy of Love of Books.

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Maybe we do feel fine?

Dystopia with clock from wikipediaSometimes I give talks to library groups (or librarian groups) on romance and other genre books. One of the questions is usually about post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, and what the heck are they, anyway?

I generally say it’s about where are we going and how did we end up in this handbasket? If the society knows how it ended up in the handbasket, it’s post-apocalyptic. If they don’t know or don’t care, it’s just dystopian.

Dearly departed by Lia HabelDearly, Departed by Lia Habel (reviewed here) is still the best YA post-apocalyptic steampunk zombie romance I’ve ever read. And it’s still the only YA post-apocalyptic steampunk zombie romance I’ve ever read. Dearly, Beloved is on my TBR stack.

On the other hand, Black Dog Blues by Rhys Ford is a totally excellent (reviewed at Book Lovers Inc) bit of post-apocalyptic urban fantasy. Not the only, but very recent and quite, quite good.




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83 thoughts on “Apocalypse Blog Hop

  1. Oh that’s a hard one… I would let my 4 year old twins loose on the world. You would be amazed at how much chaos they can cause!
    Joann recently posted..Viral NationMy Profile

  2. interesting question 🙂 Ummm… get the major powers into a real war and see them destroy the world….

  3. I’d destroy the world with a big bang from the center of the earth. That will result in chunks of earth hurling through space. I just hope people won’t suffer much.

  4. EASY!! This answer has been around since the old Westerns on TV. Spoil the water supply. And now in the twenty first century–also bring the power sources down. Electricity and phones, etc.

  5. Best blog hop question evah! I send my minions to volcanoes and earthquake zones to have them trigger enormous lava flows, debris clouds, earthquakes and tsunamis.

  6. I would send my minions to launch a series of devastating tornadoes that would end in the world being covered in darkness and no more sunshine. I would then use my minions to remove electricity from the world and cause all the rivers to flood over until there is nothing left.

  7. Destroy the Internet, duh. People can’t survive without it. They won’t know how to get anywhere, what the weather will be like tomorrow, or what Kate Middleton will name her baby – all the things essential to life.

  8. I’d take away everyone’s handheld Internet devices, and program TV with shows that only *I* like!

  9. Spread a deadly virus, although that sounds like an awful thing to do. Thank you!

  10. Wow! Great question! Lets see I would destroy the world as we know it by letting off a massive nuke to destroy everything. Thank you for taking part in this giveaway hop and for making me think.

  11. I think that removing all books and reading material would destroy the world. Thank you for participating in the apocalyptic fun.

  12. starting in the dry lands-Fire, starting off where no one would notice so it can grow to an unstoppable force. Meanhwhile, Large cities face a deadly virus takign away many that may have been able to fight the fires. And destroy water supplies via destroying dams, water pipes, poison, etc. What doesn’t get you one way will get you another. Mwahahahaha
    Jay @ Vailia’s Page Turner recently posted..Viral Nation #1 by Shaunta Grimes (review)My Profile

  13. I would destroy the internet and cell phone towers.

    susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

  14. honestly i would hate to do anything cuz i have a bad guilty conscience.. but i would taint money.

  15. Mind control on people’s TV’s, computers, and radio’s that turns them into bloodthirsty freaks!

  16. I make the entire population addicted to giveaways so they don’t spend time away from their computers. 🙂

  17. Destroy the world ?? Hmmm.
    Easily done. No need to waste my resources when most of the humans are doing that themselves !
    If pollution doesn’t end the world first the quickly depleting earth’s resources will !
    Gayatri recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday (2)My Profile

  18. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am gonna have to worry about that because I believe in the Rapture and Tribulations, so it’s going to be bad. I read what the Bible says is going to come up from Hell. I have a vivid picture of half man half scorpions stinging the crap out of people but they aren’t allowed to die. That would be truly mind boggling!

  19. Control the world’s supply of chocolate.
    And if that doesn’t work… flame thrower.

  20. Tell people they were unsafe and start to regulate guns, health care, and money

  21. I would breed super-mutant cockroaches that eat everything in their sight, no matter what size or what its made of.

  22. I can’t believe nobody has suggested to destroy the world’s oil supplies!!! How would people get around anymore?!?! If that doesn’t work, I like the deadly virus idea. Maybe it would result in vampires or zombies!

  23. Destroy the world ? …. B-but the world revolves around me! Aww crud, this just got insanely difficult.

  24. It will most likely be some science experiment gone bad. A deadly virus !

  25. I would never! But I once told a friend that if I ever tried to take over the world, it would be with cat-penguin-vampire-bat mutants, so I suppose destroying it could be done that way as well.

  26. The water. Everything uses water, if it is bad then everything dies…sad but effective.

  27. A worldwide plague, nuclear winter or, better yet, dragons! I loved this idea in Reign of Fire movie with Christian Bale:)

  28. Mhh interesting question. Get rid of all the electricity! Then everyone would die from the sweltering heat! Just kidding. Ohh! Have vampires/magic take over! xD

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