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Welcome to the Winter is Coming Giveaway Hop, hosted by  The Mommy Island & The Kids Did It!

Officially, winter won’t be here in the Northern hemisphere until the day after this hop closes. The official start of winter this year is December 21, the day of the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. But depending on where you live, it might feel like winter is already here. It might even feel like winter has been here for quite some time by this point.

Winter usually deals Atlanta a glancing blow, which is fine by me. Today feels a bit like a Seattle winter in that it is gloomy, chilly, wet, rainy and has been for several days. But climate’s what you expect, weather is what you get, and wet and chilly in the mid-40s is a considerable improvement over snow showers in the low-30s as it is in Anchorage right now. Especially considering that that represents a warm-ish front so it can snow.

I don’t miss that at all.

What about you? What represents a perfect winter day – or even just a typical one? Answer below for your chance at Reading Reality’s regular blog hop prize, the winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 in books.

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93 thoughts on “Winter is Coming Giveaway Hop

  1. A perfect winter day has some snow on the ground with more falling. I am at home reading with a fully stocked pantry and refrigerator and some delicious entree is cooking in the oven.

  2. It’s usually pretty nice here in the deep southwest. I mean it’s still chilly for us at night and in the mornings but most people wouldn’t complain about highs in the mid-60s and sunshine.

  3. A perfect winter day would be a fire in the fireplace and me not having to do anything but to cuddle on the couch with a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea and a good book.

  4. For me a perfect winter day would be me curled up in a window seat, wrapped in a comfy blanket while sipping hot cocoa and watching the snow falling outside.

  5. A perfect winter day to me (not most people) here in NE OH is a medium rate, 1/2 per hr, snowfall of the light fluffy kind with no wind. I would be drinking a huge mocha while watching the flakes fall out into my woods.

  6. I’m in Kansas where it could be 70 degrees one day and snowing the next day, even in wintertime. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  7. Where I live it gets pretty cold and we have some snow. Right now it’s not as cold as usual and we are having some rain.

  8. It’s a brutally cold dip today, perfect for cocooning with warm blankets, reading or a movie and hot chocolate. No errands that can’t be put off till tomorrow.

  9. The perfect winter day for me would be to snuggle up in a blanket next to the heating and watch the snow fall through the window. 🙂

  10. Waking up and cross country skiing in the morning, going to the dog park, baking cookies and watching movies in the evening.

  11. A perfect winter day would be me curling up beside the fireplace with a good book in one hand and hot herbal tea in the other!

  12. A perfect Winter day is it snows all day and we get about 1 foot of snow. That night, all the snow melts and the next day it’s a beautiful sunny day

  13. A great winter day – I have a pot of soup simmering on the stove, a nice brisk walk in the afternoon, hot chocolate by the fire.

  14. A perfect winter day for me would entail me not having to leave my home for any reason. I would love it to be on a day that I don’t have to work. Hot cocoa, Christmas movies, a nice cozy blankets, a quick pizza in the oven and some yummy cookies or candy to snack on!

  15. A perfect winter day is a day where we get all day snowfall but do not have to travel anywhere and have all the amenities/food we need and have a great day enjoying each others company.

  16. A perfect winter day is one where I can read a good book by the fireplace while enjoying a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

  17. I love to cuddle with my blanket and watch the snow while reading a good book. Thank you for the chance and Happy Holidays 🙂

  18. A perfect winter day is one in which it snows all day, big Currier and Ives flakes, and I stay warm and cozy inside, watching through the window as I sit by the fire with a warm beverage!

  19. Today is not a perfect day as it is minus 19 C but a perfect day would be when a chinook comes through and warms everything up.

  20. I live in Arizona and right now we’re having highs in the 60s and lows in the high 30s to low 40s. That’s cold for us!

  21. I like staying inside a warm house with my cute hubby, playing card/dice games, and just looking out at the picture perfect landscape and trees covered with snow! Also, and most importantly, celebrating our Lord’s Birthday at Holy Mass! Thanks and God bless!

  22. The perfect winter day would be snow falling and Me sitting and watching it from my living room window while drinking my hot coffee.

  23. It can be 60 degrees in the morning and in the mid-80s by the afternoon. A cold front might sweep through this weekend bringing temps down to the 30-40s.

  24. In general, it’s cold, 30 degrees or so, rarely any snow. If it does snow maybe an inch or two, gone in a couple if days.

  25. I live in Texas and it doesn’t get too cold out here. We are supposed to have a cold front this week and I’m not looking forward to it. Cool but not overly cold is good for me.

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