Winter is Coming Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Winter is Coming Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Kids Did It! &  The Mommy Island

The temperatures are getting colder, the days have gotten ridiculously short. Winter must be coming. Or, as the meme-makers have it this year:

I like the sound of “Minter” – but it’s making me think of Girl Scout Cookies. Come to think of it, once the holidays are over, it’s only a couple of months until Thin Mints miraculously appear!

But whether you prefer Pumpkin Spice everything or Peppermint in all things (along with Wintergreen and Spearmint!) the holidays are full of wonderful sights, sounds, flavors and especially family.

It’s also the midpoint of Hanukah right now – no matter which way that holiday’s name might be transliterated from Hebrew to English. Because there are so many variations, here’s a “helpful” – and hilarious alignment chart a la Dungeons and Dragons.

No matter what kind of winter you get where you live, or which holidays you celebrate, they’re coming. I hope yours are bright and happy, and that Jack Frost doesn’t nip too sharply at your nose.

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111 thoughts on “Winter is Coming Giveaway Hop

  1. I love hot cocoa or hot spiced apple cider is also delicious! Thank you for participating in the Hop! Happy Holidays to you and yours

  2. Hot chocolate is my favorite go to. During winter there are some different creamers available so I get a couple of those to add.

  3. I like hot black tea (but the occasional peppermint or lavender tea is also welcome).

    Thanks for the giveaway. (BTW, Winter can’t decide if it’s coming here yet or not. It keeps teasing then backing off.)

  4. I love homemade hot cocoa. Its a recipe my great gramma taught me & always said if it doesn’t taste like a melted candy bar you did something wrong!

  5. For an alcoholic drink I’ll choose Gluhwein every time, but for something to warm me up during the early hours… any coffee I can get my mitts around. 🙂

  6. My almost 10 yr old and 11 yr old love when we all have hot cocoa together so I’d chose this over a hot coffee anyday! In about 7 more years or so maybe they’ll take me on coffee dates.

  7. Usually I would say coffee but it winter and it’s night time so I gotta say a good hot cider (maybe spiked) sounds awesome. If I’m getting cozy bring on cocoa or an hot tottie

  8. Cocoa is the best on a cold night. I found these really good Land O’ Lakes cocoas, Irish Cream is my favorite!

  9. During the winter I always have a cup of half dark roast and half hot chocolate, I look forward to it every year!

  10. My favorite hot drink on a cold night varies- mint tea, cinnamon tea, good cocoa (especially with marshmallows), and coffee are all great options to enjoy a cold night or chilly morning.

    Hope you have a safe and Happy Holidays!

  11. I love chai or peppermint tea in the winter and any time I’m cold. Hot chocolate is a nice treat, too.

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