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It’s not just that December is dashing by, but that the whole year leading up to it feels like it flashed by in a minute. I know that the older we get, the smaller a percentage of our total life so far is represented by a single year, but WOW! They’re starting to go by at warp speed – even if occasionally an individual day may seem to take eons.

It doesn’t help that I’m ALWAYS surprised when the winter holidays show up. Most of my life – and it’s still most by a wide percentage – and certainly my formative years were lived in places where the holidays that happened in the winter were presaged by actual winter weather. Which just doesn’t happen here.

It’s supposed to be in the high 40s or low 50s today and all next week. That doesn’t really feel like winter – or look like it. We’ll get rain but no snow, not even with that huge storm blowing across the country. (Although Anchorage sure got hammered.)

What I’m saying is that Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Year’s pretty much all manage to sneak up on me – and they did this year as well.

But speaking of the holidays, this is the final giveaway hop for the year, so before this opportunity dashes away I want to take a minute to wish you and yours a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

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90 thoughts on “Dashing December Giveaway Hop

  1. I guess I am preparing thru the year for the Holidays. There have been some years where I was not ready.

  2. I’m prepared. All shopping done and the house decorated. Baking mostly done, just have a couple of things that need to be done the day before.

  3. We are usually ready for it! We plan everything on advance! 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you & yours! xo

  4. The holidays normally are a very busy but happy time for me. This year I am just super stressed and feel like I am trying to do too much. Next year I will be putting on the brakes and limiting my time and energy to things that matter.

  5. I’ve been so busy it’s been had to plan anything- haven’t even got a Christmas tree this year.

  6. The holidays always sneak up on me since I moved away from my home town. You never know how long shipping will take. I would feel awful if my mother ‘s gift did not arrive on time. She has never been late for me!

  7. To be honest, its both. I try to get the big stuff done early and then scramble for the little stuff at the end. Thank you

  8. I started decorating the day before Thanksgiving. I have a 7 1/2-foot tree in my Family Room and put up a 10 foot tree in the Living Room. All of my baking is done. All the shopping is done. Just need to wrap a few more presents. Merry Christmas everyone!

  9. I’m a planner, so I’m prepared. But it does seem like the calendar days sneak up on me and the month of December just goes by super super fast.

  10. This year I was working up until December 23rd so I did not have a lot of time to prepare, but everything worked out just fine.

  11. Totally snuck up on me this year. Actually, the whole family.
    We didn’t get the tree up and decorated until the morning of the 24th.
    And we celebrate Christmas with dinner and presents on the 24th.
    Just squeaked by.

  12. The holidays didn’t necessarily sneak up on me this year but I tried to not stress about them as much as I have normally done. It did seem to go alittle smoother than it usually does.

  13. They almost never sneak up on me – more like they come barging in with their to do lists in one hand and a megaphone in the other 😉 .

    Thanks for the giveaway- and Happy New Year 🙂 !

  14. The holidays do seem to sneak up on me, but we moderately plan it all out. I at the very least get the menu for the month pretty set.

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