On My Wishlist – WorldCon 2013 Edition

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As you read this, we’re at WorldCon. I haven’t gotten tired of saying, or typing, that yet. And probably won’t. Last year, we were in Atlanta at Dragon*Con wishing we’d gone to WorldCon in Chicago.

We did have attending memberships in Chicon, but we lived in Atlanta. A con that didn’t require airline tickets trumped a con that did. C’est la vie.

This year, we’re in San Antonio, but back home in Seattle, we’re missing our first Bumbershoot. If we get to Loncon3 next year, we might manage both. For some reason, the Brits don’t share our fascination with Labor Day weekend.

There are, of course, a few books that I’ll be unable to resist while I’m in San Antonio. In some cases it’s not that I don’t already have them, it’s that I have a chance to tell some of my favorite authors how much I love their work, and get signed copies.

But we’re only bringing one suitcase with. I wonder if there’s a shipping place near the convention center? (Especially since the list below does not include Galen’s list!)

Among Others by Jo WaltonThe Incrementalists by Steven Brust and Skyler WhiteJean Johnson – Hellfire (Theirs Not to Reason Why #3)
Gail Carriger – Curtsies & Conspiracies (Finishing School #2)
Michelle Sagara – Cast in Sorrow (Chronicles of Elantra #9)
Tanya Huff – The Silvered
Elizabeth Bear –One-Eyed Jack (Promethean Age #5)
Jo Walton – Among Others
Steve Brust – The Incrementalists

Hellfire by Jean Johnson

Curtsies and conspiracies by Gail CarrigerCast in Sorrow by Michele Sagara






one eyed jack

The Silvered by Tanya Huff






Tor, Baen, Pyr, Angry Robot, and 47North all have presentations of their upcoming publications. I’ll try to be there for as many as possible, especially since some smart cookie scheduled the Tor, Baen and Pyr shows back-to-back in the same room!

Who would you stand in line for? Which authors are your favorites?

2 thoughts on “On My Wishlist – WorldCon 2013 Edition

  1. Definitely one of the joys of Worldcon is finding out about new (or new-to-me) books. My list so far:

    The Drowning Girl by Caitlín R. Kiernan
    Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Short Stories of the Fantastic
    Summer of the Mariposas by Guadalupe Garcia McCall
    “Irregular Verbs” by Matthew Johnson

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