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It is that time again – even if it feels WAY TOO EARLY for it. The local schools here had their first days of in person classes yesterday and today – although there are “Digital Learning Days” scheduled throughout the year. The more things change, the more things remain the same – no matter which direction you are counting as “change” or “same”.

But the start of the school year also highlights that there is a teacher shortage. The combined Atlanta are school districts (Atlanta, Fulton Co., Gwinnett Co., and DeKalb Co.) had over 1,000 teacher openings just a couple of weeks ago. That might have gotten a bit better since then, but not that much. A lot of school districts have come up with various “band-aid” type strategies to make sure that there are at least enough adults to supervise all the classrooms. We’ll all see what solutions districts come up with – and whether or not they work! – in the months ahead.

Nevertheless, for a lot of parents, this is the week where they mark that their kids are another year bigger and older and possibly more mature. The pictures my friends and colleagues are posting on FB to compare last year’s first day of school to this year’s certainly point out how quickly time flies!

So what do  you think of when you hear the words, “Back to School”?

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93 thoughts on “Back to School Giveaway Hop

  1. When I hear “Back to School” I’m celebrating because that means my kid goes back to school! Ha! Well yeah that and I love school supplies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. When I hear the words “back to school” I think of going shopping for new clothes and supplies. I looked forward to it every year when I was a kid, loved doing it as a parent, although the cost of everything put a damper on some of that excitement as my family grew larger and now I commiserate with my children now that they are shopping for their own kids.

  3. School supplies, dreading the arguments of bedtime, and realizing my baby isnt a baby anymore.

  4. Back to school clothes shopping. We made sure to shop a bit early this year since my son wears uniforms and they can be difficult to find

  5. When I hear the words “Back to School”, I think of new school uniforms and new stationery.

  6. I’m retired with no school age kids, so I don’t really think anything!

  7. It usually coincided with the hottest day of the year, so I remember suffering through that in my uniform…

  8. When I hear the words, back to school, I think of having to buy new clothes, shoes and school supplies.

  9. I think Fall is coming and the summer crowds will be dissipating! lol

  10. Lately it’s just been thinking of back to school supplies and the back to school sales

  11. Back-to-school reminds me that my daughters will be headed back to their positions as educators, and my grandchildren will be headed to the classroom. It also means I will likely be needed for babysitting duties, to help them with the gaps between when the children are out of school and when my daughters are. Families help each other.

  12. My kids are grown, but 3 of my grandchildren go to school. So I feel their excitement.

  13. I think it’s about time, thanks to the Covid shut downs many kids have fallen behind on their studies.

  14. When I hear that I think of back to school shopping and buying clothes and school supplies

  15. Not much, except I’m glad I don’t have to do any back to school shopping since I don’t have children.

  16. When I hear “Back to School” it means I will have more time to workout, my nieces will be more on a schedule and not be bored and the cooler weather is coming!

  17. I don’t start back to school (university, part-time) until October but honestly, I can’t wait. I’ve got all new stationery, waiting for my text books and module website to open in a couple of weeks and I can finally properly settle down with Classical Studies for the next 4 years

  18. When I hear the words “Back to School” I think of the excitement of teaching and learning new things!

  19. I think of how my favorite thing was buying new school supplies and especially a new lunchbox

  20. I think ARGH!!! Oh no! Spending money I do NOT have for uniforms and school supplies

  21. I think of my neighbor’s juvenile delinquent boys finally going back to school.

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 !

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