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Is it just my imagination, or does it seem like school starts earlier and earlier every year?

When I went to school – admittedly back in the dark ages – we started right after Labor Day. And that still seems right in my head. After all, Labor Day is when summer is unofficially over, and nothing says summer being over – at least to a kid – as much as going back to school. Of course, this was back in the dark ages, I grew up in Cincinnati, which has all four seasons with a bit of a vengeance, so summers were hot and muggy and schools weren’t air conditioned yet.

The schools here in the Atlanta metro area have mostly already started. Gwinnett County, where I live, started on August 4, which just seemed unconscionably early, even to some of my friend who have kids in school.

At least the schools are air conditioned!

What about where you live? When did everyone go back? Did it feel early, late or just right? Answer in the rafflecopter for a chance at the winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 in books.

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98 thoughts on “Old School Giveaway Hop

  1. Traditionally, school has always started the Wednesday after Labor Day in my county but with the COVID restrictions still in place for many areas, I’m not sure what date school will start this year

  2. I don’t have any children but the school system in South Africa works differently than in the USA. We have school during the whole year with smaller holidays in between with a longer one at the end of the year.

  3. School starts here after the first weekend in September; where we are at with the pandemic – I feel its okay!

  4. I know some schools have been in session already for about a week. It does seem way too early.

  5. It’s always after Labor Day here–so, Sept. 8, which feels late. (Rumor is the big amusement parks in my state influence the late start date. Priorities, eh?)

  6. The kids are going back to classes Aug 31. They are doing a cautious, partial re-opening and participation is voluntary. If it doesn’t work out well they will probably close again pretty quickly.

  7. School here starts in early Feb and goes until mid Dec with small breaks inbetween.

  8. School just started this week. My kids are grown and therefore it really doesn’t matter when school starts.

  9. It always seems too early to me. Where I grew up we started after Labor Day.
    Thanks for the contest.

  10. School is going to start in September, I’m hoping things get closer to normalcy.

  11. School starts the last week of August. I think it should start after the Sept. long weekend.

  12. Public school started back today in our school district. We homeschool and some books are still on the way, so we are starting Monday.

  13. I start tomorrow which feels early but my daughter starts after Rosh Hashanah which feels perfect.

  14. My grandson started school on August 11th which is typical for our area. I think it’s a good start date because he gets out fairly early in the spring.

  15. School starts right after Labor Day which is good because I still have supplies to buy!

  16. School starts this week. I live in Kansas and this is usually the time its always started. August 4 seems pretty early to start!

  17. September 8th is our start day. I like it, gets us past the holiday without a break.

  18. August 30th. It feel right. It’ll be online learning still cause the covid cases are rising again, though.

  19. I think its the day after Labor Day. Its been so long since I’ve had kids in school. Its just the right time when its starting to cool down.

  20. They started school last week. Sorta early because I remember starting school after Labor Day.

  21. I would think it would be after Labor Day, but no one in our household goes back to school… all long past school age.

  22. Most schools here started sometime this week. It feels just right to me – but I’ve no doubt that a big part of that is that it is the same timeframe that was in place when I was in school, so it just feels “normal”

  23. School just started here. I guess it feels “normal,” but not really sure what normal is anymore haha.

  24. School started last week here. It seems early to me especially since when I was growing up we didn’t go back to school until after labor day.

  25. “When does school start in your neck of the woods? Does it feel too early, too late, or just right?” School started today. I am OK with that.

  26. Schools started a couple weeks ago in my area. I guess it feels right since it has been this way for years.

  27. School here started last Monday. I guess that’s normal but I remember September as back-to-school time when I was a child.

  28. Schools and colleges start way to early in August. We’ve already had a few too hot days where school was cancelled or shortened with heat index rising to 100. Plus there’s a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers.

  29. school started on 8/23 and when I went to school it started originally after labor day

  30. My grandchildren started school on August 16th, its right around the time they started last year.

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