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I’m not sure whether to ask “What is Old School?” or instead “Why does the stuff we remember so fondly become ‘Old School’ so damn fast?” And I think it’s the second question, dammit.

The music I listened to in high school is now ‘Classic Rock’, at least when it isn’t ‘Yacht Rock’, a designation whose name doesn’t make as much sense as I wish it did. The games that introduced me to computer gaming are so old school they need even more adaptation to play now than they did then – and don’t get me started on ‘boot disks’ because OMG that was such trial back in the day.

A huge part of what made Ready Player One – the book at least – so much fun for so many people, including moi – was that it made Old School seem new again – or at least took me back to when it was new and so was I.

What’s your favorite example of ‘Old School’ or what does that term mean to you? You know the drill about the rafflecopter and what you’ll get if you win, so have at it!

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86 thoughts on “Old School Giveaway Hop

  1. “Old School” means anything from my youth that I enjoyed but that my children may not have even heard of, music mostly, TV shows, movies, fashions that are no longer popular, words and phrases that are no longer in use, things like that.

  2. Old school is what I grew up with and was everyday and important to me. Visiting friends at their home and having tea, shopping downtown, and using phrases, terms and words that have meaning.

  3. I think of “old school” as something from the past that has faded from the mainstream but still pops up as a favorite way of doing things. My record collection and stereo system from the 70s is a good example.

  4. To me , Old School means things that were used or done in the past during pre-computer times.

  5. Old school are things from the past, so basically all the stuff I enjoy, like I’m pretty sure I’ll always prefer a physical book over an ebook even though I understand the convenience factor, easier storage, etc.

  6. Old school, to me, means anything that relates to my childhood/teenhood. An example of old school toys–jacks, klik-klaks, roller skates that had a key to tighten the skates onto shoes/runners.

  7. “Old School” means contenting to old friends that you will always love and cherish.

  8. Old school means doing things the way we did in the past, which may not be the way it is done currently

  9. Old school is the way it was when I was a kid. I would have written what Charlotte (37) did. My second choice is, I use cash.

  10. Old school means doing something the traditional way, sometimes tradition is a good thing, at least it’s reliable.

  11. Knowing how to do things in a more basic way. Perhaps more skilled & aware due to not having help.

  12. When I think of old school, i think of all of my favorite jams back when I was in high school. I graduated in 1999 lol.

  13. Old school means doing something I did when I was younger and I still do today. I’m that way with Thank-you and birthday cards. I still send them in the mail.

  14. I prefer the simpler way of doing things from my childhood compared to how things are done now. That makes me old school

  15. When you are my age, old school is almost everything I grew up with. I don’t feel like I’m stuck in the good old days but I take comfort in the familiar.

  16. Old School for me means from my childhood or before that. I love tthat hings from my childhood are coming back in style.

  17. old school is anything classic, 80’s music and such. I like to go wayyy old school sometimes and read books and watch movies from long gone eras, from before the time my parents were born.

  18. Old School- to me- means the way things used to be. Like rotary phones and vinyl records are Old School.

  19. To me, “old school” means the way something used to be done. My favorite example of “old school” would be back in the day when the disrespect toward teachers in schools didn’t exist.

  20. Cursive, rotary phones, rabbit ears, Saturday morning cartoons, Columbia House (13 cassettes for $1), rolling down the window, slamming the phone down, drinking out of the hose, station wagons, 25¢ hamburgers, Battle of the Network Stars, American Bandstand, Solid Gold, Soul Train, all these things are old school.

  21. Old School to me means all that great music from the 1980s that I jammed to when I was in high school & college!

  22. For me, ‘Old School’ is stuff that was popular, now living in the shadows of something else. A lot of it was popular for a reason and could therefore come back into popular (or has never left it for some people).

    I’m definitely more old school than a lot of people. I still use Cds, and some cassettes. I like golden age movies, vintage tv, and physical photographs and keyboards. I miss ‘old school’ 90s French fries- before they made fast food places change to healthier oils.

    Hope you have a safe Labor Day weekend 🙂 !

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