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I looked back at my post for this hop last year and it’s all still true! I really can’t imagine my mom even in the vicinity of that guitar. My mom was a teenager, and in high school, during World War II, so rock and roll wasn’t yet here to stay. She was amazing in a whole lot of ways, but anything that would have involved that ax just wasn’t among those ways.

But I know plenty of moms who would definitely be able to rock that guitar. But even moms that don’t rock absolutely do rule!

Whether or moms are still with us or not, or whether the people who occupy that place in our lives are our moms by birth or adoption or by love alone, they still have mom things that they do that no one else does ‘right’. I still miss my mom’s vegetable beef barley soup, and my grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies. I have the recipes for both, and I’ve even made them a time or two. IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME!

What about you? If you’re a mom, what’s your best ‘mom thing’? Or if you didn’t go that route or haven’t yet, what’s the thing you remember that your mom just did THE best?

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75 thoughts on “Moms Rock Giveaway Hop

  1. My best “mom thing” or I should say my favorite mom moments were reading to my kids at bedtime. Now I enjoy reading to my grandchildren. Thanks so much for participating in the Hop!

  2. My mother’s best “mom thing” was that she was very supportive of activities and things that I wanted to do.

  3. My mother was her children’s biggest advocate and the was there for them when they needed her. She had 7 of which I am the oldest and she was always wanting to be there and support her children.

  4. According to my kids it is my saying you dont play in the dirt because it is dirty. Also that I cook everything from scratch (have no choice with the huge array of allergies in our household).

  5. My mom’s cooking and her chocolate peanutbutter cookies specifically. Amazing

  6. My mom’s brilliant with artistic stuff and floral arrangements (among other things)!

  7. My best “mom thing” was encouraging my children to read-as did my mom with me!

  8. my mom taught me to bake and cook. we love spending time in the kitchen together.

  9. My best mom thing was reading to my children when they were young. They are both adults now and love to read.

  10. Being a devoted, caring and loving mother who spent time with us. Whether we were cooking together, reading or taken to live performances she went out of her way to bring us up with values and principles.

  11. My mom’s best “mom thing” was baking Christmas cookies every year and then we would all sit around the kitchen table together and decorate them.

  12. Every night I read to my son before bed. He loves it and I love how I’ve also discovered a lot of new children’s books

  13. My best Mom thing is being a Mom to my two girls.Even though they are older now, I will always cherish every moment of their childhood. From reading books to baking to doing crafty things to playing in the rain and splashing in puddles (and mud ) walking barefoot in the soft grass, raking leaves and jumping in the pile.

  14. one of my fav “mom things” that my mom would do when i was younger… we would have ” all american nights” and we would make cheeseburgers, fresh french fries and milkshakes and then watch movies.

  15. No matter what the problem, big or small, my mother would always have a plan.

  16. My best mom thing is her cooking, she loved to make big meals and she still does a family dinner every sunday to be sure the family stays close.

  17. My kids always say the best thing about me being their mom is that I just listen and my banana pudding.

  18. My Mom was a really great baker. I still crave baked goods all the time because of that.

  19. My Mom is a great cook ! She tought me everything I know about cooking & I love that we share that! She also has a great singing voice! Though she rarely sings in public! 🙂

  20. my mom was the best grandmother, her 33 grandkids adored her, she loved playing outdoors with them, she was such a caring and humour person

  21. My best mom thing is throwing birthday parties! I always enjoy decorating and having fun!!

  22. My best Mom thing was to have plenty of books, craft things, and art supplies.
    Let their imagination soar.

  23. I guess my mom thing is ending a fun or special day/outing with a slurpee from 7-11. I try and attach good memories to specific things like that.

  24. My best mom thing is being there for all my kids even though they have grown up.

  25. My mom’s thing is being my best friend. We enjoy watching shows and movies together. I can talk to her about anything.

  26. I loved my mom’s cooking, especially her flour tortillas. She also made the best fried potatoes to go with them.

  27. Best mom thing is hearing your kid tell you they love you.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  28. My mom’s best “mom thing” was being able to do everything. She worked full time, provided dinner every night, and still had time to sew my special occasion clothing. As a mom now I don’t know how she did it without losing her mind.

  29. My mother’s best thing was making quilts for everyone in the family.

  30. providing unconditional love and support, offering guidance, and being a constant source of comfort and care in times of need

  31. My Mom’s best “mom thing” was filling our home with books, newspapers (I’m old !!!), and encouraging us to have balance in our lives: reading-learning-education, daily exercise, and fun family activities.

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