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I looked back at my post for this hop for the past couple of years and it’s all still true! I really can’t imagine my mom even in the vicinity of that guitar. My mom was a teenager, and in high school, during World War II, so rock and roll wasn’t yet here to stay. She was amazing in a whole lot of ways, but anything that would have involved that ax just wasn’t among those ways.

But I know plenty of moms who would definitely be able to rock that guitar. But even moms that don’t rock absolutely do rule!

Whether or moms are still with us or not, or whether the people who occupy that place in our lives are our moms by birth or adoption or by love alone, they still have mom things that they do that no one else does ‘right’. I still miss my mom’s vegetable beef barley soup, and my grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies. I have the recipes for both, and I’ve even made them a time or two. IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME!

What about you? If you’re a mom, what’s your best ‘mom thing’? Or if you didn’t go that route or haven’t yet, what’s the thing you remember that your mom just did THE best?

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60 thoughts on “Moms Rock Giveaway Hop

  1. My mother made a point of being there in times when we really needed her. She was there in the hospital with me when I was very sick. She was there for a sister when she was going thru cancer treatment. She was there as the babysitter for her grandchildren. We all miss her.

  2. My best mom thing is arts and crafts. I make lots of wall cutouts of their favorite characters and tie-dye shirts.

  3. My Mom was a terrific cook especially of traditional food that no-one in our family really makes any more. Great memories of those flavors.

  4. I love how goofy my mom could be with us! I’m now the same way with my kids and they love it!

  5. I was raised by my aunt, she taught me how to forage for wild food and how to be thrifty, comes in handy nowadays.

  6. I love reading with my kids and taking them to the library. I like to show them the benefits of hard work too!

  7. I made up a silly song to sing to my kids where the lyrics would change from day to day… but the general makeup of the song was the same. 🙂

  8. When my kids were younger I rarely turned on the music. Instead we played word games or riddles. Some of our best memories were in the car together.

  9. My mom baked the best cakes, and I’ve never been able to replicate her strawberry boiled frosting.

  10. My mother was a great home cook and baker. She also was great at gardening, sewing, quilting, and other needle crafts.

  11. My mom has the brightest green thumb I have ever seen. I’ve seen that woman take a dead stick and bring it back to life, flourishing.

  12. My mom always had a way of letting us know we were loved unconditionally. No matter how awful we were to her as kids or teens, no matter how many temper tantrums… once we were ready to apologize and calm ourselves, she always, always, always, always was ready to cook us dinner and give us a big old hug. Because her babies were NOT going to go hungry!! 😂🤷‍♀️❤️🥰

  13. my best mom thing is my ability to pick my battles and embrace each age and its quirks!

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