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This was kind of a last minute hop, which seems utterly apropos as back to school preparations seem to spring up on pretty much everyone at the last minute. And that’s true no matter how far in advance people know when the kids are going back to school. The ‘lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer’ feel like they’re going to last forever – until they’re abruptly over.

That it’s still more than hot enough at least in the Lower 48, to seem as if the dog days of the season are NEVER going to end makes that whole transition to Back to School seem just that much more sudden and even anti-seasonal.

But if you’re looking for a little something to help ease those hot and sultry dog days, or if you need a bit of a breather as you rush around with the after-the-last-minute school stuff that always crops up, here’s your chance for just a bit of a pick-me-up, courtesy of Reading Reality.

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80 thoughts on “Back to School Giveaway Hop

  1. For me, the “dog days of summer” has always indicated the most hot and humid time of the year, all of those days when you can barely move and breathing is hard work (I have asthma and have always had trouble breathing in the hot, humid weather)

  2. To me, the ‘dog days of summer’ are those hot hot days that make everyone move a little slower and more prone to just relaxing

  3. “Dogs Days of Summer” is meaningful since it evokes real summer with bright sunshine, heat, and lengthy days that stretch on forever.

  4. To me the dog days of summer are the hottest and driest days at the end of summer in August when it is too hot to do much of anything!

  5. To me it means it’s too hot. I’m tired of the heat, especially with being pregnant lol. it’s HOT!!

  6. The dog days of summer to me mean it’s too hot to do anything other than spend all day at the lake swimming.

  7. Dog days of summer say to me closing up the season.
    And could be lots of humidity with high temps.

  8. All the old timers used to say that if you get a cut or something during dog days it won’t heal so I think of that every year and try not to get hurt 🙂 Also another old wives tale they used to tell about dog days was that snakes were blind during these days. As an adult I realize how dumb it sounds that for 6 weeks or so, snakes suddenly can’t see but as a kid I believed that.

  9. Dog Days of Summer to me means it’s the perfect time to take the dog on a road trip to the beach to keep her cool!

  10. It’s when the weather is so hot you just want to stay home in the air conditioner!

  11. Dog days of summer has taken on new meaning in 2023 with a 9-month old, Golden Retriever puppy to walk, no matter how hot, sticky, or rainy the weather!

  12. They are that hot, end of summer period, after vacation but before school starts, where the doldrums of the day last forever…and your dog just lies there allll day, too tired and hot to chase much.

  13. ‘Dog Days of Summer’ means to me that it is the time to be at the beach and it is too hot to cook.

  14. To me, the dog days of summer means the last few days of really hot days before fall.

  15. It means that the warmth continues! Yeah! Before the cold takes over WNY. Thanks and God bless!

  16. The dog days of summer says to me that it is so hot that it is a perfect time to take the dogs to the dog park and go swimming. We are all happier in the heat.

  17. The dog days of summer mean to me the really hot days when you don’t want to do anything outside.

  18. The Dog Days of summer to me mean pretty much the equivelent of the Frosty of Winter. Too hot to even be outside which means the kids are pretty much stuck inside unless you have a pool.

  19. This year the ‘dog days of summer’ meant 31 days of daytime temps above 110F for the month of July !

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