The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 5-1-16

Sunday Post

This was a week with some lovely books. Anna Hackett’s Lost in Barbarian Space was marvelous, as she always is. ‘Til Death Do Us Part was absolutely yummy. And Flash of Fire was loads of action-adventure-romance fun.

hugo_smThis was also the week when the Hugo nominations were announced. As someone who gets at least a supporting membership in Worldcon every year, I was able to nominate, and this year I made sure to do so. The final ballot we now have in front of us is still stained with a lot of puppy-puke. If you want to wade into, ahem, discover what all of the fuss this year and last year was about, take a look at the awesome File 770. There are a few categories this year where we have real contenders, but this year, just like last year, Noah Ward (otherwise known as “No Award” will probably add a few more rockets to the metaphorical stash in his imaginary basement. This is the last year, we all fervently hope.

I resent the implication, as propagated by the followers of the Sad and Rapid Puppies, that I only like what I like because it ticks off certain social justice boxes. When the fact of the matter is that I like what I like because I like it. Because it speaks to me. And that is why we all read whatever it is that we read and love.

This may be all I will say on the topic for a while, if not ever. Which won’t stop me from watching the train wreck via File 770 and attending the Hugo Awards Ceremony in Kansas City this summer at MidAmericon II.

Scrambling down off soapbox now.

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