Stacking the Shelves (191)

Stacking the Shelves

I tried mightily to resist the impulse to pick up the entire conference floor at ALA. We drove, so there was no baggage limit. That’s very dangerous. But I went to an author dinner where they signed their books, and another luncheon where a different group presented their books. Some things I picked up, and some things I requested on Edelweiss and Netgalley, occasionally while they were speaking.

But I’m really, really glad to be home. And the cats are very happy, in their disgruntled feline way, to have their staff back.

For Review:
Carry On by Lisa Fenn
Chow Chop Suey by Anne Mendelson
Darkest Journey (Krewe of Hunters #20) by Heather Graham
Darktown by Thomas Mullen
Daughters of the Bride by Susan Mallery
Her Nightly Embrace (Ravi PI #1) by Adi Tantimedh
Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube by Blair Braverman
The White Mirror (Li Du #2) by Elsa Hart

Picked up at the ALA Conference:
Die of Shame by Mark Billingham
Perfume River by Robert Olen Butler
The Veins of the Ocean by Patricia Engel