Freedom to Read Giveaway Hop

freedom to read giveaway hop

Welcome to the Freedom to Read Giveaway Hop, hosted by Bookhounds.

This hop celebrates U.S. Independence Day. This year, just like last year, it also celebrates a three-day weekend where we can read as much as we want without having to worry about the alarm clock going off in the morning. At least for those of us whose definition of insomnia is a good book we can’t put down.

To give you a chance to get even more books to keep you up at night, I’m giving away either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 book from The Book Depository. Happy Fourth of July and Happy Reading!

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And for more chances to win more great bookish prizes, be sure to visit the other stops on the hop!

168 thoughts on “Freedom to Read Giveaway Hop

  1. The fourth of July isn’t a holiday here so it’ll be a work day for me. But I love reading on my free days or doing crafts. Thanks for the chance.

  2. I’n not American so no Fourth of July for me xD but maybe, watching the fireworks?

  3. I love to sit in a quieter area near a big lake (e.g., a pier at a smaller park) with a few friends and family members, and watch the various fireworks displays go off all around the lake.

  4. I enjoy sitting back and watching the fireworks πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

  5. My favorite thing to do on the 4th is cookout at home with family and friends.

  6. I’m English, so fourth of july isn’t a holiday here but I’d love to see the fireworks one day, from what I’ve heard they’re amazing!

  7. Sleep until it’s over? xD I don’t enjoy all the noise as much as I used to. Also freaks that animals out, which is great.

  8. My family has never really done much. Fireworks are always fun, but my dog is afraid of them.

  9. That is easy; absolutely nothing. We will cook out just simple stuff and eat lots of watermelon for dessert.

  10. So, there’s no 4th of July in Portugal but during other national holidays, I love to watch the fireworks and get together with friends and family πŸ™‚

  11. I enjoy all the fireworks and grilling in our yard with the entire family. There are so many nice sales at most of your stores and they usually have things you are looking for discounted.

  12. Have a BBQ with family and friends is my favorite thing to do on the 4th.

  13. We like watching fire works sitting on our boat at Shelbyville lake.

  14. I’m in the UK so we don’t celebrate really though my step daughters are from the US and live over here now so maybe we will celebrate a bit.

  15. I’m from Europe so I don’t celebrate. When it’s national day here in my country I love to watch the military parade though. It’s really cool.

  16. Celebrate freedom by doing what I want. Mostly consists of relaxing though haha

  17. well since I am from Canada we do not celebrate the 4th, our holiday was the 1st and a family bbq was nice

  18. My favorite thing about the 4th of July is our family picnic where I get see my entire family.

  19. I like to stay home and read. Then when it gets dark I watch the fireworks from my window.

  20. I usually go and watch the fireworks but I’ve missed them the past couple of years. We will be staying home and playing with sparklers again this year since my toddler is still too little to deal with all that noise!

  21. Picnic in the backyard with kids and grandkids then watch the fireworks.

  22. My favorite thing to do is to take the kids to the parade and then to watch the fireworks on the Chesapeake Bay

  23. We don’t really celebrate the 4th of July here but some establishments have fireworks displays for the benefit of expats and tourists, so I ejoy watching those. πŸ™‚

  24. I love setting off sparklers and writing my name in the glittering remnants! It has been a tradition to do this for as long as I can remember πŸ™‚

  25. We enjoy spending the day in the pool, then hanging out inside with the cats to avoid all the idiots lighting off illegal fireworks.

  26. I’m not in the US, but I do enjoy that the stores always get in lots of interesting American foods around this time of year!

  27. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway!
    I’m from Argentina so here we dont do anything on this day haha but i’d like to know your country πŸ™‚

  28. We enjoy throwing a pork shoulder on the smoker for pulled pork and spending time together.

  29. I love spending time with my extended family and watching my childrens eyes light up during the fireworks show. They always get so excited.

  30. I love fireworks. The only problem is that I live in the SF Bay Area and July 4th is notoriously foggy. We usually only have a clear night once every couple of years.

  31. It’s a typical working day for us in this part of the world.

    Happy 4th of July, woohoo!!

  32. Fireworks! Although it appears they may get rained out this year. But I have a new/old cat who I don’t know how will react, so maybe it’s for the best that I sit this one out.

  33. Our favorite thing (and our tradition) is to have a cookout for friends and family, then go down to our Freedom Fest to play games, eat more food πŸ™‚ and watch our great fireworks display!

  34. We just like a quiet family day at home, kicked back on the patio and enjoying each other.

  35. Not an American thus no celebrations for me so I’d probably do my usual routine!

  36. waatching fireworks! as a kid i loved seeing them. and, now that i have kids, i love seeing their faces as they watch them!

  37. Celebrate the day with my American friends (we celebrate Canada’s birthday on July 1).

    Thanks for giving.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  38. i love watching the fireworks at the beach with friends and family πŸ˜€

  39. I don’t really do anything on the 4th of July. I stay home and make sure my pets are safe & sound. I’ve got crappy neighbors who like to shoot off fireworks and towards my house. So, yeah, not really an enjoyable day.

  40. Always a great time when we spend the day preparing and cooking food for the family’s 4th of July dinner. πŸ™‚

  41. I really like watching the fireworks on the 4th πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. Oh we love going to our towns parade and then fireworks! We do it every year and always have so much fun!

  43. My daughter loves fireworks so we usually take a walk to the bridge to watch them. They have new ones every year and we enjoy the crowds and commotion.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  44. Might sound silly to some but my favorite thing to do on July 4th is my daughter and I always get a huge bag of cherries and we sit on a blanket with them and watch fireworks. I guess I like it so much because as simple as it is, those cherries have become a big important tradition to her.

  45. Our wedding anniversary is the 3rd, so we always go away for the 4th. This year we were in NYC.

  46. My favorite thing to do on the Fourth is to watch the evening fireworks display every year.

  47. I like to watch the shows on TV and see the fireworks and listen to the patriotic songs.

  48. My favorite thing to do on the Fourth of July is to spend some quality time with my family!

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