Stacking the Shelves (194)

Stacking the Shelves

In addition to the usual parcel of things that just looked interesting, I have a few special books this week. As you can see, I’m collecting the entire Fatal series by Marie Force. They’re irresistible!

I also have three books that I’ve been waiting for with the proverbial bated breath. Belle Chasse and Cast in Flight were both on my Most Anticipated list for this year. These are two series that I eagerly follow, and am always jonesing for the next book. My third “OMG I can’t believe it’s finally here” book is The Lafayette Sword by Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne. I absolutely adored the first book in their Antoine Marcas series, Shadow Ritual, when it was published in English last year. I’ve been combing NetGalley and Edelweiss ever since, hoping for the next translation – and it’s finally here!

For Review:
The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor
Belle Chasse (Sentinels of New Orleans #5) by Suzanne Johnson
Cast in Flight (Chronicles of Elantra #12) by Michelle Sagara
Devil Sent the Rain by Lisa Turner
The Girl in the Castle (Deverill Chronicles #1) by Santa Montefiore
Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
The Lafayette Sword (Antoine Marcas #2) by Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne
When All the Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz

Purchased from Amazon:
Fatal Justice (Fatal #2) by Marie Force (review)

Borrowed from the Library:
Fatal Consequences (Fatal #3) by Marie Force
Fatal Deception (Fatal #5) by Marie Force

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  1. A bit late on commenting but I’m very jealous that you got a copy of Belle Chasse. It seems like forever since the previous book was released. I’m ready for some more of everyone’s favorite pirate (and DJ also of course).

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