The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 2-3-19

Sunday Post

First of all, I did a thing. On January 31, 2019 the winners of the SFR Galaxy Awards were announced. We had a terrific fleet of winners this year – as we do every year. I’ve already added stuff to the virtually towering TBR stack. If you like science fiction romance, or action adventure romance, this year’s winners will be a real treat. And if you’re new to the genre or just want to see what all the fun is about, the list of ALL the award winners, from this year and previous years, should provide you with plenty of places to start. (Full disclosure, I’m one of the judges).

Second thing, as in previous years, I have been appointed to one of the American Library Association committees that produces a “best books of the year” list. This year it’s The Reading List, which judges genre fiction in the categories of Adrenaline, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction and Women’s Fiction. Almost all of the categories are my jam to one degree or another, so I’m really looking forward to this year’s selections. Which will never be highlighted on any of my Stacking the Shelves posts or in my reviews – but they will be there.

Third, speaking of ALA, I just got back from the Midwinter Conference. The committee I served on this past year, the Carnegie Medals, announced the winners at this year’s conference.

And I picked up what would be an actual metric buttload of books at the conference – if I got print ARCs instead of eARCs. That list is in yesterday’s Stacking the Shelves.

It’s great to be home. The cats really missed us – to the point where they seem to be clinging to us all night and underfoot all day – at least when they’re not cat napping!

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