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Welcome to the New Year, New You Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mama the Fox!

2023 kind of just zipped by, didn’t it? Some years seem interminable – I’m trying so damn hard not to think of 2020 because YEESH that was a year I hope we never revisit – while others, like this year just passed – seemingly pass in the blink of an eye.

It’s been a good year here at Chez Reading Reality. There have been good books (as evidenced by last week’s Best Books list). Everyone is well and as happy as we all can be. Even George and Lucifer who had their regular vet checks over the weekend. (They even seem to have forgiven us for the whole capture and car trip thing.)

Looking ahead to this year, April 4, 2024 will be the OMG THIRTEENTH Anniversary of Reading Reality’s first post back in 2011. So, in the hopes that 13 will be lucky instead of unlucky, I’ll be trying something new – or new for Reading Reality, at least – starting with this very post.

I’ve had an Instagram account for a while, but haven’t gotten into it. I’m still more about the words than I am about the pictures. But in the wake of this year’s inanity and insanity at the service formerly known as Twitter, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see X go to a pay for play option. Not that there aren’t plenty of other reasons to get the hell out of that particular Dodge already.

So Instagram, or rather, Bookstagram, is my plan B for Reading Reality’s outreach. We’ll see how it’s all turned out, this time next year.

Happy New Year!

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73 thoughts on “New Year New You Giveaway Hop

  1. I am looking forward to spring this year. I want to get out and do more bike riding and hiking this new year.

  2. Thank you for the giveaway – I’m looking forward to reading more books this year 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to taking care of myself this year. I’ve been a caretaker for so many for so long. It’s time to take care of me.

  4. I hope to learn how to use my new ovens so I can do more baking. They are SO different than those I’ve had for over 30 years. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of them soon but the first month has been a challenge.

  5. I am looking forward to getting outside more and spending more time with my herd!

  6. I started a small business at the end of last year and I am really looking forward to working at it and making it profitable in 2024.

  7. Been out of work for a while now, really looking forward to 2024 being the year I get back to it!

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