The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 12-20-20

Sunday Post

This is Xmas week. Which is making me feel like this should be a week for books with happy endings. Even if this holiday isn’t quite as upbeat as other years, it still feels like better things are on the horizon. Next week I’ll be back to my usual mix of aliens, evil, evil aliens, monsters, murders and historical drama – not necessarily all in one week. But this week feels like there should be some happy books at the tippy top of my towering TBR pile. Of course, I could change my mind in the middle!

But speaking of happy things, here’s a picture of an adorable cuddle puddle of Freddie and George. Either they are both trying to fit into a cat bed that is frankly too small now for either of them singly, or George just wants to be as close as possible to his “big brother” – at least until the inevitable rumble breaks out.

Happy Holidays!

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