The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 3-21-21

Sunday Post

The following is a picture of life with cats – just not one of the expected and utterly adorable pictures. Because that’s George investigating the new shoe cabinet. We had no intention of buying anything to hide our shoes, as we were both just fine with putting them where they were most convenient for us – meaning mine were under my office desk and Galen’s were in a corner of the living room. But little beknownst to us, George had discovered that shoelaces – along with their attached shoes – made GREAT toys. George has eaten the shoelaces from every single pair of shoes that either of us owns. So now we have a shoe cabinet, and George hasn’t figured out how to open it. Yet.

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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 3-21-21

  1. My son’s cat figured out how to open a closet door to get at the feathers he used for tying fishing flies. We’d get up in the morning with feathers everywhere until we figure out how he was doing it. lol
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  2. Your move, George!

    I can see the wheels turning in his head from here. He’ll have the problem figured out in no time. You’re going to need a padlock or electronic keypad lock for that cabinet. LOL.

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