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Welcome to the Falling into Leaves Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mama the Fox!

Speaking of leaves and falling, let’s talk about leaf-peeping! While this hop is about leaves falling, we’re not quite into the season for it, at least not yet. I don’t mean just not here, I mean that according to predictive maps, most of the US isn’t there yet – except New England, Michigan and along the Canadian border.

But here in Atlanta peak season for leaf-peeping is a month off. Which makes this a perfect time to post this reminder:

When do the leaves let go where you are? What part of the change in seasons are you most – or least – looking forward to? Answer in the rafflecopter for a chance at one of Reading Reality’s usual prizes, the winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 in books.

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94 thoughts on “Falling into Leaves Giveaway Hop

  1. Peak leaf season here is in October. I love the look of the change but honestly, dread cleaning all the leaves as out back yard is surrounded by trees.

  2. It’s probably October…persimmon leaves are gorgeous, but it’s annoying when the fruit drops among them….

  3. If we had grass around our house I’d leave the leaves over the winter and clean them up in the spring. Unfortunately our yard is bricks so it’s cleanup time for me once the leaves start to fall.

  4. Peak leaf season here occurs in mid-October and I am looking forward to viewing the vibrant fall foliage. When I was young, I loved to jump into piles of leaves that I had helped rake but now that I am an old woman I don’t do such things anymore

  5. We don’t have a whole lot of leaves in Florida, but I do love the fall festivals around town during “fall”!

  6. Peak leaf season is around the end of September beginning of October. Its been real dry lately so may not be as beautiful as usual

  7. We still have at least a month to go as well and really we don’t get much of a fall because it stays too hot!

  8. I am looking forward to Halloween! I have my 7 year old and a 4 month old that I’m excited to dress up!

  9. The leaves are turning and falling in late September here in Northern California. It has been so hot though….in the 100’s all week.

  10. Peak leaf season is late October, but it really depends on the weather. I like the colors and crisp air, but not the increasingly shorter days. Thanks!

  11. Peak leaf season here is usually mid to late October. I love seeing all the beautiful colored leaves!

  12. The mountains usually reach their peak the middle of October. Lovely to drive up then.
    Thanks for the contest.

  13. Peak leaf season is coming in about 2-3 weeks here; I love it but it brings way VERY quickly to cold cold weather here (which i dislike).

  14. The leaves are already starting to fall off the trees here in the UK and I think we will reach a peak within the next few weeks. While I like the change in the seasons, we have loads of trees around us and I’m not a huge fan of raking all the fallen leaves off the lawn!

  15. It is typically late October here and we have 2 huge trees in our yard so I am definitely not looking forward to raking.

  16. Our leaf season begins the end of September/Beginning of October. I love the leaves changing colors, campfire, and sweater weather!!

  17. Usually mid to late October is peak leaf season in MN. I love to go hiking up north to see the leaf colors!

  18. I live in Northern Michigan and our leaves are just starting to change. I’d say peek season will be about the first week of October.

  19. We don’t’ get much color change. Sometimes, the first freeze comes before the leaves fall. I’ve taken pictures of the green leaves on a bed of snow.

    I’m looking forward to my birthday.

  20. I think peak leaf color in our area potentially is sometime in October to November. I love to see the pretty leaf color.

  21. Peak leaf season is slowly starting now. Every time it’s windy, a bunch more. I’d say by the weekend, trees will be bare.

  22. There is no leaf season in south Mississippi, but I appreciate the cooler weather…for the few days we have it.

  23. Here in the State of Washington, Peak Leaf season won’t arrive until the first or second week of October.

  24. Peak leaf season is October and not really looking forward to it as we have a lot of trees in our yard and it has to be raked daily so it looks decent.

  25. Sometime in October is peak here in Western New York. I love the wonderful outdoor smells and sights of Autumn! And taking a walk in the fresh air, filled with the scent of wet leaves…all of our Lord’s gifts of nature! Thanks and God bless!

  26. We have a lot of evergreens here, so the Fall colors aren’t as abundant here. We are starting to get a little bit of cooler weather, but won’t probably need sweaters until November or so.

  27. Here in Michigan it varies but this year I think the color peak is going to be the 2nd week of October. I’m looking forward to traveling up north to the tunnel of trees. It’s an amazing view!

  28. Peak leaf season for me here in Georgia is October 19 – November 4 . I am looking forward to all of the beautiful shapes, colors, and patterns of leaves. Such a pretty time!

  29. I’d say about October. I just wished they turned pretty colors. Ours just fall off. I’m most excited for the cooler weather.

  30. According to news peak fall colors are last week of Sept. – second week of October in my area. We are currently in this time period. It seems like they are just starting to turn here so I am looking forward to the beautiful colors in the next 10 days.

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