Dad-O-Mite Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the 2023 edition of the Dad-O-Mite Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mama the Fox!

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, June 18th, in the U.S. as well as a whole host of other countries. In honor of that day, this bloghop celebrates dads of all kinds everywhere, whether bio-dads, adoptive dads, foster dads, dads of choice, pet dads and every kind of dad, granddad and father figure out there who is loved by their children, whether those children are little, or big, or have four feet or fur or feathers or scales, or any combination of the above.

We all need someone to fill that role in our lives. We’re not all lucky enough to get such a person. If you have one, and yours is still around, give them an extra hug for those who never did or no longer do.

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71 thoughts on “Dad-O-Mite Giveaway Hop

  1. I think this one is hilarious! “I asked my dog what’s two minus two. He said nothing.”

  2. dad wasn;t much of a jokester but do recall this one, “What did the ocean say to the beach?” “Nothing, it just waved.”

  3. Here’s an old joke: What black, and white and red all over?
    Choice of two answers: 1. The newspaper
    2. A skunk with a sunburn!

  4. My dad made many comments but they are too inappropriate to post on here.

  5. Any time you need money for something he says, “Five dollars,” just like the Little Rascals when they needed new shoes.

  6. I love Dad jokes. “Which days are the strongest? Saturday and Sunday. The rest are weekdays”

  7. My father used to tell me that I should never be afraid of anyone & to hold my head high out in the world.

  8. My dad would say he would take a blood test from someone’s nose then he would laugh and laugh.

  9. What happened when the red ship collided with the blue ship? they were MAROONED! (Hilarity ensued every time).

  10. “Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth. Then it’s a soap opera.”

  11. If I’d be talking with my dad and I said so, he would come back with sew buttons on your underwear!

  12. My Dad’s is “I decided to sell my vacuum cleaner—it was just gathering dust!” 🙂

  13. Why did the golfer take an extra pair of socks? In case he got a hole in one.

  14. Did you know that William Pen’s father had two sisters who ran a bakery? Everyone in town were talking about the Pie Rates of Pen’s aunts. ( Pirates of Penzance………)
    Um. Thanks dad. Real knee slapper.

  15. My dad loved dad jokes. One of his favorites: Where do pirates get their hooks? Second hand stores. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. My dad had a great sense of humor! When I was very little, I couldn’t pronounce McDonalds. I called it “SmackDonalds” instead. From then on out, he never called McDonald’s anything else. haha!

  17. Cheesy but good Dad joke: The bank keeps calling me to give me compliments. They say I have an “outstanding balance.”

  18. Oh gosh, my dad was a total punster! Too many to remember, but he used to, as he put it, “Get his mix all talked up” and say things like the “Bogs are Darking” and “Chirds are Birping” (instead of “Dogs are Barking” and “Birds are Chirping) just to be funny. He’s been gone (to Heaven, with my mom) for 19 years now and I still like to say those things too! Thanks and God bless!

  19. I said “See ya later alligator, after awhile crocodile” the other day. Its one of my favorites.

  20. “What do a tick and the Eiffel Tower have in common?” “They’re both Paris sites.”

  21. When I would say “Daddy” my dad would respond with “What-y”
    He passed when I was six. I miss him every day.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  22. My favorite dad joke is, “Why do ducks have feathers? To cover their butt quacks!”

  23. Current fav dad joke… My husband accused me of taking his thesaurus.. I told him that was wrong.. also incorrect, mistaken, and erroneous.

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