Stacking the Shelves (605)

You know what? They’re all pretty this time around. They’re just not all pretty the same, because the styles and the genres are so different. I’m intrigued by several, also for entirely different reasons.

The cover of Echo gives me the shivers, but then, that’s very definitely a wintry Chicago in the background and that’s exactly what Chicago DOES in the winter. At first, I thought the cover of We Solve Murders wasn’t all that, BUT, it’s very much part of the old-school mystery cover style – and there’s a cat. The cover of Bindle Punk Jefe fits right in with the first book in the series, Bindle Punk Bruja, and does an excellent job of presenting the character and the time period in a single image. I’m really curious about The Fourth Consort because I loved his first three books (Mickey7, etc.) and I’m intrigued by And the Mighty Will Fall because I loved the first book in the series (A Pale Light in the Black), liked the second (Hold Fast Through the Fire), and unfortunately bounced hard off the third (The Ghosts of Trappist), so I’m wondering where this one will – ahem – fall.

For Review:
And the Mighty Will Fall (NeoG #4) by K.B. Wagers
Bindle Punk Jefe (Bindle Punk #2) by Desideria Mesa
Echo (Detective Harriet Foster #3) by Tracy Clark
Exiled by Iron (Tainted Blood Duology #2) by Ehigbor Okosun
The Fourth Consort by Edward Ashton
The Great Library Of Tomorrow (Tomorrowland #1) by Rosalia Aguilar Solace
The Mountain Crown (Crowns of Ishia #1) by Karin Lowachee
The Scarlet Throne (False Goddess #1) by Amy Leow
We Solve Murders by Richard Osman

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9 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (605)

  1. I am definitely looking forward to And the Mighty will Fall. I assumed that that the NeoG story had finished in the last book and am really pleased to be wrong.

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