Ebook Review Central for Amber Quill, Astraea Press, Liquid Silver Books and Riptide Publishing for November 2011

It’s going to feel like we’re using the WABAC (pronounced, of course “Wayback”)   Machine here at Ebook Review Central for another few weeks while we wrap up 2011. It’s still early days yet for 2012, at least as far as giving readers a chance to review the books that just came out in the last 8 days! December wasn’t all that long ago when it comes to reading and reviewing the stuff we all just read.

So this week it is time for the multi-publisher issue. Amber Quill, Astraea Press, Liquid Silver and Riptide Publishing titles for November 2011 are included in this last of November issue.

Last month, I wrote that there were difficulties with covering Astraea Press. Specifically that several of Astraea Press’ October titles were not reviewed anywhere.  This is not to say that Astraea Press titles do not get reviewed. But in specific, The Ghost of Herbert Grezley, Lucifer House, Scent of a Witch, For Pete’s Sake, and The Hidden Door were not reviewed on either Goodreads, Amazon or Barnes and Noble, nor anywhere else I could find. Nor have they been as of this month.

Instead, there are three more titles that have no reviews, Over Coffee, To Christmas with Love and Sanders Cross. Those of you who took the time to write in to ask that Astraea Press continue to be covered, I appreciate your interest. Support Astraea Press just a little more by finding copies of these books and reviewing them.

On a much brighter note, one of the three featured books for this month is also an Astraea Press title. A Dog Gone Christmas by Lindsay Downs definitely tugged at more than a few people’s heartstrings over the holiday season. This Christmas tale combines the story of a mother collie rescuing her puppies from a man who wants to sell them for nefarious purposes and a group of human friends who bring their own collies to help seven children deal with the grief of losing a parent in uniform. Talk about a three-hankie special! But with happy endings all around, it sounds like a perfect story for Christmas.

Our second featured book this month comes from Riptide Publishing. A Chip in His Shoulder by L.A. Witt is the story of a contract killer who is both a vampire and a cyborg. This M/M science fiction romance takes place in a near-future dystopia between two ex-lovers who are opposites in every way, human vs. vamp, human vs. cyborg, gutter rat vs. wealthy corporate scion, and yet, both the world-building and the romance worked for the reviewers. Sounds like another great story from Witt, whose Amber Quill title Ex Equals was featured in September.

The third featured title for this month is also a science fiction romance, this time from Liquid Silver Books. Nico Rosso’s The Limit of Desire is the third book in Rosso’s series The Limit War. The reviewers loved this story of a female soldier who is both a real woman and a true soldier. And when she falls behind enemy lines, the man who risks his life on a suicide mission is the only one who could possibly be right for her. Because he accepts her exactly as she is, including the fact that she is his superior officer and they never had much of a chance at a long-term relationship. Until now. The reviewers say this is “real and sweet and sexy”.

That’s a wrap for this week. See you next week with the Carina Press December 2011 books.