If I only had a brain

A human brain, that is. But wait–I thought I did have a human brain. I’m confused…

I like the idea of reading challenges, and I think the idea of there being different levels is neat, but sometimes the names of the levels are very confusing. Hence, the brain thing.

There’s a challenge at Workaday Reads that, well, there’s just no way I can refuse. It’s the Ebook Challenge. I publish Ebook Review Central. How can I call myself an ebook advocate and not sign up for the Ebook Challenge?

All I have to do is read and review ebooks. They don’t even have to be ebook-only titles. I just have to have read them in ebook form. I’m just not seeing a problem here. I’m all in on this one.

Except, there’s that level thing. I can’t make myself commit to the highest level, which is level 7. Why? It’s that human brain thing again. Not the number of ebooks, which would be 150. I’ve already read 10 this year, although I haven’t written all the reviews yet. Which means I passed level 2. But level 7 is the Human Brain level, and there we are. Most days, I have my own human brain. While I would like to get another one, I don’t think it works that way, except in science fiction.

So I’m signing up for level 6 (100 ebooks). Server level. I can buy one of those. We might even have one in the garage…