Stacking the Shelves (13)

For those of you with triskadecaphobia, this would be the unlucky number edition of Stacking the Shelves.

But I’m not particularly afraid of the number 13, especially not when I have such terrific books in my blissfully short stack this week!

As I predicted last week, I did pretty much inhale An Officer’s Duty as soon as it downloaded. There’s only one thing about it that bothers me, just one teeny-tiny little thing–it looks like I have to wait a whole year for the next book in the series! 🙁

The other book I bought was Ben Aaronovitch’s Midnight Riot, because of something I saw in Shelf Awareness this week. Midnight Riot is the first book in an urban fantasy/crime series set in London. Aaronovitch has also written for Doctor Who, which alone was enough to make me buy the first book. But I love police-type urban fantasy, so I’m astonished I didn’t hear about this series sooner. (There are two more books after Midnight Riot; Moon Over Soho and Whispers Underground.

And Julie Kagawa’s Lost Prince isn’t lost anymore. He’s been found at NetGalley. I may hold off until the prequel? bridge? novella Iron’s Prophecy is available on September 1. I hate feeling like there’s something I’m missing.

For Review:
The Lost Prince (Call of the Forgotten #1) by Julie Kagawa
Remedy Maker by Sheri Fredricks
Ravished Before Sunrise (1 Night Stand Series) by Lia Davis
When You Wish Upon a Duke (Wylder Sisters #1) by Isabella Bradford
The Siren (The Original Sinners #1) by Tiffany Reisz
Sacred Treason by James Forrester
Serafina and the Silent Vampire by Marie Treanor

Purchased from Amazon:
An Officer’s Duty (Theirs Not To Reason Why #2) by Jean Johnson
Midnight Riot (Peter Grant #1) by Ben Aaronovitch

Only ebooks this week!

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