Comics Review: Kevin & Kell by Bill Holbrook

Have you ever heard of Kevin & Kell? If not, please let me introduce you.

Kevin & Kell is about a very mixed marriage. Kevin Kindle is a rabbit, and he met his future wife, Kell Dewclaw, online. It wasn’t until after they finally worked up the courage to meet in person that they discovered that they really were from the opposite sides of the tracks.

When I said Kevin was a rabbit, I meant that he’s an actual rabbit. Possibly the size of Harvey in the movie, but a real rabbit. As in a salad-chomping prey animal. And Kell, the love of his life, is a wolf. Really, a wolf.

(Kevin and Kell are not were-animals. They are just intelligent animals. The ecology of this universe doesn’t bear thinking about. Work with me here. It’s worth it.)

But what they found in common, online, was that Kevin was a single dad raising his adopted daughter (a hedgehog!) and that Kell was a widow raising her son. Being single parents of teenagers gave them more in common than a silly little thing like the predator/prey divide that would normally keep them apart.

They’ve been going strong since 1995. I have a feeling that somewhere back there, there’s a relationship in the real world that someone said didn’t have a chance. I bet it’s still going strong, too.

Kevin & Kell, the comic strip, comments on real life, by looking through a slightly wacky lens. Kevin and Kell live a typical suburban life, and yet, not. I love them.

I’d never have met them if I hadn’t moved to Atlanta. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is the only newspaper that prints the strip. It’s available online, but this is Bill Holbrook’s hometown paper, so they print it. His other two strips, On the Fastrack and Safe Havens, are syndicated in multiple papers.

Since we’re leaving Atlanta, I was going to miss Kevin & Kell over my morning cereal. I know it’s available online, but I’m terrible about checking for comics that way. All is not lost. There’s a Kevin & Kell app for my iPad. Hopefully the mapping will be better than Apple maps.

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  1. I wish Kevin and Kell were in my paper instead of some of the current strips. Many of them have talking animals, but none are as clever as K & K!

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