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Today, Reading Reality is part of Lori Foster’s Bare It All Blog Tour! Read my review of Bare It All here and enjoy this Q&A from Lori.

Also, I’m very pleased to be able to host a giveaway, courtesy of the tour, of one print copy of Bare It All. (US only)

Marlene: Describe the qualities in your “perfect” hero.

Lori: Well first off, he has to be imperfect. I can’t imagine anything more boring that perfection.

He has to be a man. A man’s man. I’m totally not into the metrosexual guy. If he paints his toenails… yeah, he won’t be in my book. Oh, and if he waxes his chest? Bleh. My guys are too busy kicking butt and saving mankind to groom their chests.

He has to be strong – physically strong is nice, but more important than that is mental and emotional strength. If he’s going to cry, it better be for a really good reason. Not because he lost a sporting event or watched a sad movie.

He has to be respectful to everyone who deserves it – which means unless someone has given him real reason to be disrespectful, he’ll be polite.

He has to be capable. It drives me INSANE when someone writes a hero who can’t change a diaper. I mean, that’s pretty basic. If you can’t do that, how can you possibly master anything complicated like driving a car or shaving?

He should be kind, with a sense of humor.

And he absolutely MUST love animals and feel protective toward children.

Being a stallion in bed doesn’t hurt either.

Marlene: When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes?

Lori: Tried and true! Nothing with eyeballs. Nothing that looks like a bug. (Shrimp = grub worms. Lobsters = insects. Whole fish that are looking at me… shudders.) I love roast and mashed potatoes, stuffed pork chops, beef stew and bean soup and sauerkraut with ribs… I’m a country girl.

And I’ve never met a dessert I didn’t like!

Marlene: As a romance writer, what is your idea of the “ideal romantic evening”?

Lori: My husband and I are not, and never have been, party people – unless it’s an afternoon family party. When we go to the movies, it’s usually a matinee. So with that in mind, I like easy, slow evenings where he cooks me something delicious for dinner (he’s turned into an amazing cook!) and then either the theater (not too late) or a good movie on the television, dressed in our comfortable clothes. Just us, quiet time, being together.

Marlene: Any place we can find you in person or on the net this month or next?

Lori: I have an event schedule to make it easier for readers to locate me!

I’m all over the net, too. Goodreads, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, PushPage, and I have a really useful once-a-month newsletter that keeps readers caught up on all the happenings.

June of every year I organize the “Reader & Author Get Together” with my good friend Duffy Brown. 500 romance readers, authors, editors, and editors getting together for fun, food, games, raffles and book signings. We’ve sold out already, but the book signings are open to the public! Check out the deets on that here!

Marlene: What project are you working on next?

Lori: That depends on how long it takes me to finish my current manuscript – which will be book 4 in the Love Undercover series. If I finish it early enough, I’ll start a new L. L. Foster book, meaning more urban fantasy and more graphic gore. If it takes longer to finish, then I’ll jump into the next romance single title.

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19 thoughts on “Q&A with Author Lori Foster + Giveaway

  1. When I saw the question the first character I thought of was Lucy’s husband Kevin on 7th Heaven. Honest, secure enough to listen then come to his own conclusions, strong, Tall, willing to risk his life if needed. Happy to be a stay at home father.
    I was also thinking that I enjoy Lori Foster’s books so I must also draw something that fits for me from her characters too!

  2. I couldn’t improve much on Lori’s heroes or her choice for a perfect romantic evening – that’s my style too!

  3. Whenever I need a pick me up, Lori Foster is one of my go-to authors. Her heroes are always sexy but goodhearted and her heroines have always been strong, intelligent, and independent. Keep writing the good stuff and good luck with the arm. Hope you’re back to 100% soon.

  4. Just read Bare It All. In one sitting. Gotta love Lori Foster and the men she writes about.

  5. He has to be loyal and love completely and Lori catures that in her heroes. Love your books!!!

  6. Apart from great looking, my hero would have to be dependable, intelligent, compassionate and have a great sense of humor.

  7. I’m a big fan of Lori and I can’t wait to hear more from her L.L. Foster voice.

  8. I’m looking for someone honest, kind, strong, gentle, funny….basically i want one of the guys from the romance novels i read…but I know that won’t happen so I settle for most of the qualities that those guys have….or like Emma (previous poster) said…Kevin from 7th Heaven or someone like him!

  9. Love strong Alpha males who know how to love and take care of the women in their lives.


  11. When i started reading books again, Lori Foster books were the first ones I began to read. All her books are great reads.

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