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I’m dreaming of getting to sleep in my own bed…which finally happened last night. (We’ve been gone for a very loooong week)

But I really do dream of books. Sometimes I dream of being in them. Sometimes I dream of being crushed by them. Sometimes I even dream of our house caving in from the weight of all of them. (Our house is on a slab so this is thankfully not possible!)

This month, however, there is a special dream of books. Welcome to the Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hop, hosted by Bookhounds.

The books I tend to dream about are the ones that won’t leave me alone. Sometimes that’s because I just plain loved them, but often it’s because I mostly loved them but there is just the one thing that is driving me absolutely crazy, like the ending of The V’Dan by Jean Johnson. Or because it’s a world I would really, really like to live in, like the version of our world in Jim C. Hines’ Magic Ex Libris series (start with Libriomancer). Or because the story ends in such a moral dilemma that I can’t get it out of my head, like the ending of Inherit the Stars by Laurie A. Green.

What makes books stick in your mind? Or which books are so stuck in your mind that you can’t stop thinking and dreaming about them?

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179 thoughts on “Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hop

  1. The House at Riverton by Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, and The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield all stuck around in my mind for awhile after I read them.

  2. No Where But Here by Katie McGarry, in fact I like all her books. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  3. Usually, fantasy and scifi books that have amazing world building and magic systems stick. 🙂

  4. I recently read The Secret History and keep thinking about it, the characters are really interesting and the plot itself was just great 🙂

  5. Very unique characters stick in my mind because they have become “friends” due to sharing the suspense or horrors of the narrative.

  6. For me it’s either a certain phrase that gets stuck in my head,or I visualize places like I am reading historical fiction, so I imagine what it looks like.

  7. Unique story lines or ones that catch me completely by surprise. An example would be last year’s read of a new to me author. It was Lia Habel’s Dearly, Departed.

  8. At this point in my life, basically éveryone has got a hold of the new Illustrated edition of the first Harry Potter book and I swear it’s haunting me… It’s so ridiculously beautiful I cannot stop thinking about it! 😀

  9. For a book to stick with me it has to captivate me, either with the writing style of the author or I need to like the character in a way that I can’t help not finishing the book C:

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. I’m not really sure; I imagine it depends on the book on what sticks with you. One might be the humor, another might be the characters. The first to come to mind is when I read my first Nora Roberts series, the Bride Quartet. That definitely stuck with me because I read them in a row, but given we spent time meeting and living with these 8 people, it was tough to let them go for a little while. LOL

  11. I love getting to know characters. In one of my favorite series, one of my favorite characters was killed. I was devastated! It took me weeks to wrap my head around it. I’m still not over it.

  12. I have read several books by Taylor Dean and they stay in my mind long after I finish them.

  13. urban fantasy books stick with me i tend to dream as i’m a secondary character in them sometimes…. one that i can’t stop thinking of? i have several right now i’m more into fae so it’s those by seanan mcguire but it change along teh year^^

  14. The ones that stick out for me are the more “unique” plots and/or characters. No recycled plots, please. Plus real chemistry between the characters that are supposed to have it, and even extremely hating a character will make it “stick”.

  15. Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright is one of those books that I frequently think about. I just LOVE that book.
    Have re-read it so many times and still enjoy it.

  16. Honestly, Twilight! I hate when people bash it like they could have written a better book. There’s a reason why it was an international phenomenon. Wonderful plot, great characters, cute love story, and pretty clean!

  17. Books that are usually stuck in my mind are books I always want to re-read again. Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi, Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett are just some of them.
    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  18. The book series that is always stuck in my mind would definately be the Harry Potter series. I live and breathe those books! 🙂

  19. The book series that is always stuck in my head is the Harry Potter series of course! I live and breathe those books! 🙂

  20. Any book that gets me attached to the characters – Harry Potter, the Grisha trilogy, The Infernal Devices…

  21. Books stick in my mind when I hear about them and instantly want to read them! Or series that I love stay with me as well. I can reread some of my favorite series multiple times and enjoy it every time. I’m currently dreaming of book relating to my favorite series- go figure 🙂

  22. Characters I can relate too or storylines that are very emotional that strike a chord with me or even ones that can actually scare me, are the ones that stick with me the most.

  23. The books that stick with me are the ones that really make me care about the characters. The Book Thief and Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt are two.

  24. I think the book that has stuck with me the longest is Illusions by Richard Bach. I read it for the first time when I was in high school. Since then I have read maybe 20 times. I just love it. The ideas and quotes come back to me daily in my life.

  25. I love all genres of books. My passion is reading. My all time favorite book has always been Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.

  26. Nalini Singh’s Psy/Challengling series is great! She has created a great paranormal world!

  27. I think it’s the characters that stay in my mind. If I really like a character, I think about him/her for awhile.

  28. The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi is one of my favorites and her writing is unlike anything I have read before. Her story and words have stuck with me for years and I love to read them again from time to time.

  29. Books that get stuck in my head are usually paranormal romances or young adults.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Recently the books of Sarah J. Maas have been sticking in my head. I am really invested in the characters in the Throne of Glass series and can’t wait to find out what will happen.

  31. Unique storylines definitely catch me! And unforgettable characters that are flawed and lovable.
    A series that as been like that super recently, is the Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer)!

  32. The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalianso is stuck in my mind that I can’t stop thinking and dreaming about it.

  33. Every book of Susan Meissner and Kristin McMorris. Tow Authors who write in such a way to make you feel part of the story, become emotionally connected to the characters. Any time I finish one of their books I am saddened because I have to wait for the next release.
    If you get a chance , their two latest books are Kristen’s The Edge of Lost and Susan’s Stars Over Sunset Boulevard re amazing reads.
    Carol L

  34. Mostly books that stick in my mind are mysteries. I often wonder how something could have happened and how they solved the mystery. The other ones that stick in my mind are paranormal stories. I keep remembering what scared a person and if it could happen to me, lol 🙂

  35. I’m a major bookaholic! I have a personal library of almost 1500 books (physical, not digital!), and I’m constantly on the hunt for more to add to by obsession!

  36. When books make me cry they will stay on my mind ! Sloth by Ella James is one of them !

  37. Sometimes, a unexpected (but still flows with the story) character or situation in a book will stick with me.

  38. The books that stick to me the most are the ones that I either relate to, or is written by an author with fabulous writing skills. And by fabulous, I mean, creating worlds that are so incredibly vivid, that I actually find myself in the world when I read.

  39. When they surprise me or have some twists that i wasn’t expecting.
    Also some books stick in my mind when they traumatize me.

  40. I have two that have stayed in my mind – Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon – such a beautiful written – tore at my soul and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – another beautifully written book – the romance tug at my heart strings and made me believe there might be that kind of love out there someday for me.

  41. The books I think about most are the most original with great twists and turns or great characters. One of the best books I ever read was The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. It was truly monumental for me! 🙂

  42. For me, it is usually characters that stick in my mind – mostly ones that I would really love to have as friends if only they were real people.

  43. Books stick in my mind based on the level of intensity and how much they make my adrenaline kick in lol

  44. The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans is an older book but one I always loved., being I live horses

  45. What makes a book memorable to me is a combination of things – good writing, good plot, and most of all, memorable characters. Lacking any of those things and the book is less likely to stick with me.

  46. Books that have a riveting dynamic between the characters are the ones I can’t forget. I especially loved the books I’ve read by Mary Balogh, Catherine Anderson and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

  47. A book that plays on the reader’s emotions and tugs at one’s heart is one memorable read to me.

  48. The Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon is always stuck in my mind. I have read and re-read those books multiple times and I never get bored. I am currently dreaming about Battle Born which will be released in 2018. I have loved the main character since he first appeared in book 4. Anxiously waiting for his book. 🙂

  49. I always think about how influential the Gemma Doyle trilogy and the Throne of Glass series are to me!

  50. It’s hard to say why some stories stick in my mind longer than others. I think for the most part it’s the world-building and the experiences of the character.

  51. The books that get stuck in my head are the ones where I really relate to the main character. My favorite one like this is Edenbrooke By Julianne Donaldson!

  52. I love characters I can relate to, unique settings, great storylines…
    Recent books that I’ve not forgotten are the entire Tairen Soul series by C. L. Wilson, Forever His by Shelly Thacker, Get a Clue by Jill Shalvis… and more…

  53. Usually, good characters or real characters are what get me to decide whether a book is good or not 🙂 Melina Marchetta is one my favorites! her characters are epic!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. If a book can touch me on some level, it tends to get stuck in my head. Unfortunately, that means I can dream about a mystery book months later, because I remember the events.

  55. They have to be books that really get me involved with the characters – enough to worry about them – or something so amazing I wonder if… But mainly I’m too busy dreaming of my own stories (and what I’m going to write when I wake up), to have a lot of dreaming of books 🙂

  56. A storyline that is refreshingly new and original, a world very different from the one now, and with characters that I would want to be friends with 😀

  57. Colleen Hoover’s books get stuck in my mind and can’t stop thinking of them even long after I’ve read them

  58. well written characters. if i get attached to a character its always so difficult when a book ends!

  59. A book with a really powerful ending will stick in my mind for ages! So often I find myself disappointed when a book is really good then crashes and burns at the end, but there are definitely a few books that have such good, strong endings that I find myself thinking of them periodically.

  60. Currently, Delirium by Lauren Oliver is stuck in my head. The emotions at the end rocked me to the core and I cannot seem to shake the sadness and beauty of the final pages. (I realize this book is older but I finally got around to reading it and now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long).

  61. Good characters and interesting situations make books stick in your mind. I just finished reading The Martian. This story will be stuck in my mind for weeks!

  62. I love characters that have unexpected qualities, they surprise me by defying my preconceived notions about them. Characters always draw me into a book. Some of my favourite sets of characters are from the Lumatere Chronicles and The Raven Cycle series. Thank you.

  63. I really love JD Robb’s “…In Death” series – it’s so well written and I think about what will happen next all the time!

  64. I love reading a good book that grips me so that I can’t put it down. Action or suspense fits that bill.

  65. Books with strong themes seem to stick in my head: Animal Farm, 1984, Hunger Games. I also think about books that have taught me something… homeschooling, parenting books, etc.

  66. I recently read Kristin Hannah’s Nightingale. Wow, what a great book! Totally recommend it to anyone who likes a read that keeps you up late turning page after page!

  67. I love books with good character development and great descriptive locations. If a book touched me emotionally then it is a stuck book.

  68. I’m always thinking about The Mortal Instruments series. It is so good! So much of it just comes to me at times. Cassandra Clare’s writing for it is incredible. Love it.

  69. Anything that makes me laugh our loud or cry makes me remember the book. A sad death separating a couple makes me remember the story such as Cold Mountain.

  70. I remember books when identify with the characters, and then I become attached to them. My most memorable read is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

  71. Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles are stuck in my mind. I can’t wait to get my hands on Winter.

  72. Great characters, that’s what makes a book stay with me. I especially love smart heroines who fight back and who are not afraid to speak their minds.

  73. Ususally that the plot and characters follow through. I hate stories that start one direction and feel like someone else took over the story.

  74. Great characters with interesting interactions and great plots are what make a book stick with me.

  75. I couldn’t stop thinking of Throne of Glass all last year that I’m rereading it right now!

  76. I remember books that have a very exciting plot and well developed characters. I typically dream about books while I am reading them!

  77. I like well developed relatable characters. I also like characters that continue throughout a series.

  78. For me its books that suck me in, that I can’t put down. Books that I want to read over and over again. Books that I am heartbroken when I get to the end of them, not because they are sad or heartbreaking, but because they are over and I want the story to continue. For me there are many of those books, the most recent ones are The Madman’s Daughter series by Megan Shepherd

  79. I just finished reading the Throne of Glass series, including all of the short stories, so my mind is still caught up in that world. I put off reading them for so long because of the hype, but I really enjoyed them. I liked the world building and I did like the character development, two of the most important parts of books to me.

  80. Tom Robbins Jitterbug Perfume will always stick in my mind. One of my favorite books of all time!

  81. I think it’s the Characters that stay with me while I’m reading and long afterwards ♡ Thank you

  82. Books by Harlan Coben stick in my mind. His plots and characters are so absorbing and unpredictable, I find the books hard to put down. When I’m not reading them, I’m thinking about reading them.

    Thanks 🙂

  83. I just finished Oblivion by Jennifer Armentrout and then had to re-read the rest of the series. I loved it and I have Daemon running through my mind

  84. It’s usually the books that hit a particular place in my heart or have all the right ‘ingredients’ that stick with me the most.

  85. Archer’s Voice (Sign of Love) by Mia Sheridan has stuck with me, It’s a beautiful story

  86. I really cant get the series Careless Whispers by Lisa Renee Jones I just read Denial and can not wait for Demand.

  87. When an author creates a world that feels real to me and that the characters feel like friends. If I don’t have that connection the book won’t stay with me, and I just forget about it. 🙂

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