The Sunday Post AKA What’s on my (Mostly Virtual) Nightstand 6-5-16

Sunday Post

On Tuesday, Galen had to check to see if our webhost died under the strain. Or out of shock. I always tweet my reviews to the publisher, and also to the author unless the grade is bad. So I copied Neil Gaiman on the tweet of my review of The View from the Cheap Seats. I figured it would just languish in the thousands of tweets he must receive on the average day. Instead, he retweeted. And I started squeeing all over the house. It turned into one of the best days this blog has ever had when I wasn’t giving stuff away. Thank you.

This was, however, yet another week when parts of the schedule fell to bits. Unfortunately, I had to bow out of a tour. I started the book and absolutely couldn’t make myself continue. It’s not that the book was badly written. Unfortunately it was well written and extremely scary, creepy, uncomfortable for this reader. Awful stuff kept happening to the protagonist, and as the book was written from the first person point of view, the readers were in her head as it all happened. I just couldn’t continue, but I’m still feeling bad about it.

The book I was originally intending to review on Friday was interesting, but after reading it I just couldn’t figure out how to tackle it in a review. So I went for the better part of valor and posted one of Amy’s lovely guest reviews instead. I just hope she has a review of the final book in that trilogy on tap. She’s leaving all of us hanging.

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  1. I’ve only had that happen once where I had to bow out of a tour because I couldn’t finish a book. It was just not the book for me and the host was very understanding. The book you couldn’t finish sounds right up my alley. You have me curious. LOL

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