Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway Hop, hosted by yours truly, Reading Reality, and the Caffeinated Book Reviewer!

As everyone knows, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the U.S. It’s the day when all the stores run all the crazy doorbuster sales, starting at absolutely obscene hours of the morning. Or the night before.

Black Friday got its name because the opening of the holiday season was usually the first day of the year that retail outlets began operating at a profit, in other words, in the black, and out of the red that means debt and loss and other bad things.

But with Cyber Monday now happening all holiday season (and all year round!) things are not what they used to be in the world of retail and in-person shopping. Which won’t make today any less frenetic if you go to the sales.

I’ll be with friends, and doing my shopping online. What about you?

For a chance to get a start on your holiday shopping, fill out the rafflecopter for your chance at either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository.

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123 thoughts on “Black Friday Book Bonanza Giveaway Hop

  1. “What do you like most (or least) about holiday shopping?” I like stuff! More, more, more, I must have more!

  2. I literally despise going into stores because of assholes lol For real 😆 I started shopping online a few yrs ago and having everything delivered while the kids are in school!! I brave it one day to pick up wrapping paper and a few odds and ends… And they usually ruin my day 😉😂

  3. The only thing I like about shopping is finding amazing and unexpected deals on specific gifts I was buying. But I do 90% of shopping online now. Some people in the crowds are terribly rude and pushy taking the joy out of it.

  4. Yeah, I pretty much loathe going to stores any time of year. Black Friday? Forget it! But I don’t do much Christmas shopping anymore, and the little I do do is via the Internet. It’s made things so much more relaxing that I can honestly say I don’t mind it anymore.

  5. I don’t do the Black Friday shopping.
    But I don’t mind doing some shopping.
    I do most of mine online.
    Thank you for the Chance

  6. I avoid going into stores during the holidays as much as I can. I work for the mall of America so I know how crazy shoppers can get.

  7. I like some of the decorations in stores, but I do my shopping online because I hate crowds so I go out when most stores aren’t even open yet!

  8. I love saving money and the holiday spirit. I hate standing in line waiting. I do most of my shopping online.

  9. I like that today you don’t have to leave your house to shop! I can skip the anxiety and rude masses Black Friday shopping and order from the comfort of my home. Get what I want and done!

  10. I actually don’t do much holiday shopping at all. My family and close friends (we’re all small in number) have really cut back on the gift-giving over the past few years, and I make most of my gifts. I do still buy some gifts [out at stores], but tend to just pick little things up here and there. I like that I’m really able to do this at my leisure, and when the moment feels right.

  11. sorry, I hate shopping, and my budget doe snot allow me to do much anyway. Right now, I’m thrilled at drying marigold flowers to gather the seeds, so that I can fill little bags to distribute for people to sow next Spring. it’s so simple, and from my garden, but people love it, yesterday, another person thanked me for the bag I gave her last year, and now she’s going to do the same!
    don’t forget to enter my own giveaway, in the gratitude giveaway hop:

  12. As I get older, I just can’t get myself to wanting to shop much. I do alot online and I get my list ready and my daughter and daughter-in-law go Black Friday shopping (and they both love it) and get me everything on my list!!!

  13. What I don’t like about holiday shopping are the prices, and the cold weather. I try to shop all year and save things when I find them on sale, for the holidays. I already know I won’t have the money during any year, living on a fixed income, to spend on the holidays.

  14. I don’t like the busy malls during the holiday season but I love buying my family and friends gifts!

  15. I don’t like being in the crowds. When I go shopping, I like taking my time and deciding what I will be getting each person on my list. I can’t do that when someone is always in your way, or you in theirs.

  16. I used to enjoy the Christmas decorations, Christmas music, and smiles from other shoppers in the stores, but it just doesn’t feel the same now and so many are rude and grumpy. I shop more online and only venture out to smaller stores during quieter times.

  17. We use to make Black Friday shopping an annual tradition…when it was actually Friday, not all month. Now, I’m lucky I have time to do my shopping online! This year, Book Outlet had my attention at 9am Thanksgiving, and for my movie purchases with in store pickup. 🙂

  18. I dislike all the crowds. The way you are pushed and shoved around. I try to get mine done early or order online.

  19. I don’t like how rude people get, because they are greedy! I like when I find the perfect buy for my loved ones.

  20. I hate wrapping presents. I usually buy so many small presents and hide them from my kids and then I forget where I hid them.

  21. I like finding things that I know someone on my list will like, especially if it’s a bargain! I dislike the crowds.

  22. what I like least is the crowds and if I am looking for a certain item and can’t find it or it is sold out

  23. Least like the crowds, and mostly love the feeling of looking and searching for that right gift for someone.

  24. I like the holiday deals but the crowd is too much and sometimes, not having enough $$$ to buy everything is soo frustrating 😂
    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  25. I love the adventure of finding the best gift for the right person. I love the surprise of it, when you come across an unexpected treasure that just screams the person. Which is why half the time, my holiday shopping begins in January and randomly takes place throughout the year lol.

  26. I actually love shopping but I hate going with someone who doesn’t like to browse! I also don’t like going alone so most of the time I’m screwed. More and more we’re just ordering things online and having them delivered. That can be fun – sitting beside my husband and finding what we’d like to get our family members. *smiles*


  27. I loved going black Friday shopping with my daughter who is away at college. We do it every year and we both look forward to lunch together and fun.

  28. I most like being able to shop online!! I am so thankful not to have to run around looking for what I need all over town; it’s great to be able to click and get it delivered. No stress!

  29. The crowds and parking! I hate shopping when it isn’t even holiday season. It is ten times worse this time of year.

  30. I love the shopping and shop for Christmas all year round. What I hate is the wrapping and mailing and I seem to procrastinate every year even thought my intentions are good!

  31. I dont enjoy the weather. I also hate this new shopping on Thanksgiving instead of Black Friday.

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