Jeepers! It’s January Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the 4th Annual Jeepers! It’s January Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island

It may be January, but unlike last year, it’s in the balmy 60s here in Atlanta, at least until Wednesday, when it will dip into the less balmy but still not too bad 40s. Compared to last year, this is just fine. Peachy even, to make a bad Atlanta pun. (Everything here is either peaches or peachtrees – including, it seems like, ALL the street names.)

But this is just the kind of winter weather we moved here for. We do get four seasons, but winter generally deals just a glancing blow – and that’s the way I like it.

Just for funsies, I decided to look up today’s temperature in all the places I’ve lived. (I’m doing this on Monday, so the actual weather may differ slightly from predicted)

Cincinnati – 57°
Chicago – 42°
Anchorage – 11°
Tallahassee – 71°
Gainesville FL – 69°
Seattle – 42° (and RAINING all week)

The saying goes that “climate is what you expect, weather is what you get”. I like what we get here just fine.

What about you? Do you like the winter weather where you are, or do you dream of someplace warmer – or snowier? Answer in the rafflecopter for your chance at either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a book (up to $10 in value) from the Book Depository.

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239 thoughts on “Jeepers! It’s January Giveaway Hop

  1. I love it when it’s cold! It’s the damp that gets me down but living in Ireland that’s pretty unavoidable 🙁

  2. I am hating winter weather. I would rather be back in Florida where I don’t have the snow or ice.

  3. Well, it kind of has been schizophrenic with temperatures and the like, so the answer to the question of is it cold there depends on the day… I’m not someone who likes really cold because I can never get warm, but I’ll take cold over very hot.

  4. We live in Northern California and we are getting a lot of rain which we need! We are very lucky with good weather but lately is has been cold!

  5. The weather here in Illinois has been pretty fair lately, but that is suppose to change here in a couple of days. Winter will be back in full force.

  6. I hate cold weather, so luckily I live in the Dallas area where it’s rarely cold for long.

  7. I’m mostly ok with cold weather and love snow–I just dislike driving in it, and absolutely loathe shoveling the stuff. When I finally retire, I’ll probably move someplace warmer so I can ditch the shovels/scrapers/other paraphernalia.

  8. My favorite season is Fall, but I can handle the winter as long as I don’t have to shovel much LOLL.

  9. I actually do like cold weather but hate the rain, which is what we’ve been dealing with a lot lately 🙁

  10. I wish it was summer 😀lol. I hate winter. 70 and above is great for me. Right now where I’m at its in the 40’s. It really sucks! Can’t wait to go camping and fishing again.

  11. I live were it is cold in the winter in and warm in the spring and summer months. I wish I lived somewhere where it is warm all year long.

  12. We actually have been extremely lucky. We have had little snow, and the weather has been warmer, but today it is quite chilly!

  13. The weather isn’t bad here right now…in the 40s and 50s. I would prefer temperatures in the 70s at all times.

  14. I don’t like the winter cold and snow and ice here. I would love to have it warmer–say 50’s or 60’s during the winter.

  15. I honestly wish it were a little colder, I love snow and yesterday it was 60 here, but we are in for a snow storm soon, so fingers crossed!

  16. I love cold weather but lately I prefer if it’s not too cold. No snow, though. I’m not a fan of it anymore. We’ve only gotten it a few times. Luckily it’s only been mild this winter.

  17. I love cold weather but lately I prefer if it’s not too cold. No snow, though. I’m not a fan of it anymore. We’ve only gotten it a few times. Luckily it’s only been mild this winter.

  18. I’m in South Texas so I wear shorts pretty much year round. I can’t imagine living somewhere that was really cold.

  19. I don’t normally enjoy the winter weather here, but this winter hasn’t been bad at all. There hasn’t been much snow or negative temperatures.

  20. A lot of rain, wind, and power outages here lately, so I’m definitely in the mood for some warm, calm weather.

  21. I love the winter months and the snow! So beautiful! We are having a very mild winter…I sure hope we get some snow soon! We are below zero today with windchill….but we get used to it up here. 🙂 Could never move south.

  22. Here in PA we only had 1 snow so far mostly rain rain rain. We’re to get snow this weekend 50-50 chances. I like warmer weather.

  23. I love winter weather and wish it were colder. It has been unnaturally warm this year.

  24. It is pretty nice today, but supposed to snow tomorrow. I am fine with the weather.

  25. I wouldn’t mind if it were warmer 🙂 I love the rain, but snow is only fun for a few hours lol 🙂

  26. Our winter weather is odd in SC. Sometimes its cold and sometimes its 80 degrees. I wish it was about 60 degrees all year. lol

  27. It’s supposed to snow for the first time this winter, tomorrow and I hate it. Sorry but I’m a green Christmas type person. I want warm weather and no snow.

  28. I like colder rather than warmer I can always put more layers on for me it’s the gas heat in the house it makes me sick but otherwise I’m good.

  29. Do you like the winter weather where you are or do you wish it was warmer (or colder)?

    pretty mild where i live..dont mind a fews days of it though

  30. i love winter. Although being diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago..My bones hate the cold but I enjoy snow and watching it come down! I am from MD it usually snows at least once or twice a year but nothing yet this year. Tomorrow it is suppose to snow 6 inches so I can not wait !

  31. Not especially and why I LOVE and am a native Floridian.
    Maybe for a week around Christmas…cool weather. 🙂

  32. Today, with Windchill it is below zero. When it is this cold I dont particularly care for it but otherwise I dont mind!

  33. I just got finished shoveling, something I greatly dislike. We would love to live in a climate that is warm year round!

  34. I hate how cold it gets, it was -35C and then the windchill last week. Decent now, but I’d rather live in a climate of a low of 15C. I’m 55 so I’ve had enough of cold weather , thank you very much. I walk to work every day and although its only a 10 min walk, it feels longer when its windy lol

  35. It’s been around the 30s here, chilly but not too bad. I enjoy that the bugs aren’t out

  36. I enjoy cold over hot – but not a biting cold. This weekend is pretty chili but other areas are much worse (like Buffalo, NY) so I have nothing to complain about.

  37. I always wish the weather was something it isn’t! The winters here are normally not too bad-we do get cold weather, but we usually have some warm spells to break things up a bit.

  38. I do not like winter. It is just too cold, windy, and I do not like the snow.I miss living in the south so much when winter hits.

  39. I wish it was warm. I don’t like the cold. and this weekend, its been snowing for 24 hours and still snowing. We are just under a foot of snow. its 25*
    I need warmth and sun!!!

  40. Currently looking at 6 inches of snow…and wishing it was warmer…so I say nay to the cold.

  41. I like the winter weather as long as everyone is home and safe 🙂 I prefer spring ..not much longer 🙂

  42. I love the weather where I live because it is not really cold at all and I don’t like the cold. My kids would love snow though, which we do get sometimes but not yet so far this year.

  43. I live in the south and it doesn’t get extremely cold but I love winter! I lived up north for about 7 years and learned to love the cold.

  44. Colorado has mostly good winter weather. Some snow on Saturday, sunshine today.
    Thanks for the contest.

  45. Not a fan of the winter weather at all. I deal with it because I live in central IL but sure don’t like it. Thanks.

  46. I don’t like winter weather at all, I wanted it to snow for Christmas or New Years and of course now it decides to snow. I like looking at the snow not going out and digging my car out.

  47. Come see me in the north Georgia mountains, your 40° is my 23°. I prefer cold weather. Bundling under a nice heavy quilt, real wood in the fireplace for heat. Living the dream.

  48. Do you like the winter weather where you are or do you wish it was warmer (or colder)?

    well when i was younger the winter weather was very mild (much like the hot weather ) so i was very happy whit it
    but now its very cold and very hot so is no fun!!!

  49. I like the cooler weather, but it’s being able to pay the utilities for the heat that is difficult.

  50. I love winter weather. I really wish it would snow but I live in the south. It gets really cold but it isn’t any fun.

  51. We live in Arizona and the weather is mild compared to other parts of the country. I’m enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures.

  52. I like winter because of the festivities and holidays, but I can’t stand the cold and I hate it getting dark super early. I can’t wait for it to get warmer and for the days to get longer!

  53. I wish it were a bit colder & that we would get a bit more snow than the little bit we have received so far this winter.

  54. I definitely don’t like the cold weather, probably living in the wrong place but so far we have lucked out with a mild winter with unseasonably warm temperatures.

  55. I generally like the winter weather we have (cold, snow on occasion) but lately we have had a lot of icy mornings which I hate because it makes the morning commute unpleasant.

  56. We just had our first snow of the year & only got a dusting. I love winter & hope we get a few inches the next time it snows.

  57. I wish it was colder and snowier here, it been in the 50s, and think winter should feel like winter and be cold and snowy.

  58. I like warmer weather but I don’t like hot weather. I’m more of a spring person.

  59. I live in Washington State and am disappointed because we haven’t gotten any snow this year. It’s been unseasonably warm too. Boo.

  60. Right now I wish it was warmer. Our temps the last couple of days have been in the negative numbers so it is cold. I prefer warmer weather.

  61. I wish it was a little warmer. We are currently experiencing a cold front and it drops the temperature into the negatives.

  62. I find the winter beautiful, but it doesn’t agree with my circulation! I’m always freezing, even with 10 layers of clothes!

  63. Winters are generally fairly mild here, especially when I consider where I grew up (Minnesota), but there are times that I would rather be somewhere a little warmer.

  64. No, I don’t like the weather right now. It’s too cold and no snow, I rather the fall weather.

  65. It’s about 20 degrees and they are warning us of a storm. I love Winter weather. It’s my favorite season.

  66. Our weather isn’t too bad most days. I do wish it would rain more and be windy less.

  67. I do not care for cold weather at all. Some days I like staying in to read or play games with the family, but usually I prefer to be outside walking or fishing.

  68. I’m fine with the weather right now because it seems to flipflop between warmer and colder every week.

  69. We haven’t had a real winter in several years- a few cold days together, but no freezing or snow.

  70. I’m a Texan and we have very mild winters. I love winters here, it’s the summers that I have a problem with!

  71. I dont like the cooler weather I prefer fall weather and I don’t really like the summer heat

  72. I live in ski country Western NY so you’d think I’m used to the snow! We just got a foot of snow dropped on us over the weekend and the temps were not out of single digits. I always wish that it’s warmer but really enjoy seeing all 4 seasons where I live.

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