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It should be Spring pretty much everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere by now – even Alaska! So there’s plenty of white stuff – more likely ugly gray stuff by now – melting everywhere that it hasn’t already.

In the words of the immortal Anonymous, there are two, well, at least two, verses about Spring with more than a bit of humor in them.

The spring is sprung, the grass is riz.
I wonder where the boidie is.
They say the boidie’s on the wing.
But that’s absoid. The wing is on the bird.

If that one doesn’t work for you, there’s always this one:

Spring is sprung,
Fall is fell,
Here comes Summer
and it’s hotter than
last year!

Not that both of the above verses don’t also have a sense of the absurd that also perfectly appropriate for today’s date, April 1 – better known as April Fools Day.

No fooling here today. Today is the start of the Eighth Annual Reading Reality Blogo-Birthday Celebration Week. I’m giving something away every day this week. Today it’s the winner’s choice of either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository. Answer the question in the rafflecopter for your chance to win today’s prize.

Tune in tomorrow for another giveaway!

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147 thoughts on “Worth Melting For Giveaway Hop

  1. Booming Pear Trees gets flowers, and they are all over my area. Even the entry way to my subdivision lined with them as well as the library.

  2. I would say the blossoms on the trees open up faster than you can imagine, and soon enough, petals are flying all around you.

  3. Sad to say, but road kill, raccoons and opossums. On a happier note – the return of red wing blackbirds.

  4. Interesting question.
    We really don’t have much here in very south coastal Florida.
    I would say some of our tropical tree blooming like royal Poinciana.
    Northern birds depart along with ALL the traffic and snowbirds 🙂

  5. The cherry blossoms bloom and everything just seems to be brighter and happier.

  6. Pollen? LOL.

    Some of the trees have started to bud, and some crocuses and bluebells have bloomed, but that’s about it so far.

  7. The first sign of spring here in North Texas is the first Little League practice. We don’t have much of a winter, so a lot of trees and the grass stays green already.

  8. Just after the snowdrops have poked their heads through the snow come the first green tips of my daffodils.

  9. Easter lillies well that’s what they call them here, but they always come early now…

  10. When the tulips start poking out of the ground and the snow finally goes away.

  11. Spring is here and I love it. The flowers are popping up the fields are a beautiful shade of green and the baby animals are in the fields it is heavenly.

  12. You can tell it’s spring where I live when the flowers start budding on the trees in my backyard. Also, we start to get a lot of birds and they are loud lol.

  13. Loud music from the students in apartment complexes close to where I live. That’s the sign of spring where they can open all their windows and blast their music all day and night, until someone calls the police.

  14. I guess it’s when it’s finally the first peeks of flowers or the blooming trees or such, but mostly when it feels like it wants to be warm even if the winds aren’t just there yet.

  15. Flowers are starting to bloom in our front yard. Birds are starting to make
    nest in our bird house.

  16. Birds are singing! To me, my backyard birds are one of the best predictors. There is a weather proverb that states, “Bluebirds are a sign of spring; warm weather and gentle south breezes they bring,” and this appears to be true in the northern tier of the United States.

  17. “What’s the first sign of Spring where you live?” Mud. Mud, mud, mud. And gloom.

  18. What’s the first sign of Spring where you live?

    Blooming flowers probably,also the polen

  19. We know it’s Spring in Georgia when the trees start coming back to life and grass starts shooting through the ground, lol!

  20. Usually we have 1 last cold snap at the end of march, then bam the weather is 60/70/80. So the weather.

  21. When the plants start being tricked. The weather bounces around. Severe cold and then smack you with high heat. Kansas weather sucks.

  22. For me, the first signs of Spring are the purple crocus flowers coming up in the flowerbeds and the Robins visiting my bird feeders.

  23. the first sign of spring in my area is ALL the kids on my street out playing having a good time !!! they stay in all winter so as soon as spring hits they are all outside 🙂 also the beautiful flowers coming in !

  24. All of our cows started calving at the beginning of March. We just have 1 more to go and that will be all 15 of them.

  25. I love Spring because all the Quail come back. I have a bird feeder and we can have up to 30 quail in the backyard. One year they made a nest in one of our planters and it was so fun watching the babies grow.

  26. Crocus’s coming up and daffodils. They’re not foolproof though, I have photos of daffs in snow.

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