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The start of April tends to mean that Spring has really and truly sprung, no matter how far behind – or ahead – the official climatological event might have been.

Growing up, that generally meant my birthday, which was yesterday, and Passover, which my birthday usually managed to fall somewhere in the middle of. Which meant no cake and no party until after the holiday. For many, I imagine that Easter marks the true start of Spring.

And then there’s the Major League Baseball season opening day, which this year was March 30, just a tad early. In Cincinnati, my hometown, the Reds had the honor of opening at home every year on Opening Day, in honor of their history as the first Major League Baseball team. Or so the story goes.

While Opening Day was never an OFFICIAL city holiday, let’s just say that attendance at school on that day was always a bit sparse – and the line to submit absence excuses the next morning was always a bit long. You do the math.

Speaking of math, there’s a bit of math in picking blog hop winners, something I’m really glad that Rafflecopter takes care of for me.

As part of my Blogo-Birthday Celebration, I’m giving away one of Reading Reality’s usual prizes, the winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 in Books to one lucky winner on this hop. There’s also a second hop today, Just Because so be sure to enter there as well, along with all of the rest of this week’s giveaways (Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday) – and there’s one more for tomorrow!

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76 thoughts on “Dancing in the Rain Giveaway Hop

  1. For me, the first sign of spring is spying those first green sprouts of crocuses and daffodils as they poke up through the still cold ground…

  2. I put out space heaters in the winter to warm up a few key areas of the house. When it’s warm enough to put them back in their boxes for another year, spring has arrived.

  3. It’s Spring to me when it’s warm and dry enough to start clearing the flower gardens.

  4. When I see a red wing blackbird. My grandfather always said that was a sure sign of spring, and it stuck.

  5. When all the snow is melted defines spring. We have a long winter, and a short spring.

  6. To me, it’s a little bit of warmer weather and spring flowers starting to make an appearance.

  7. It seems like it’s really and truly Spring to me when the trees are all flowering, the tulips and daffodils are blooming, the sun is shining and the weather is warm.

  8. Goodness, I absolutely love Spring. I know its nearing when I see the grass a little brighter, trees beginning to bloom as well as flowers!

  9. It always seems like spring to me when my plants start to come back. I love seeing the birds starting new nests and tending to their eggs too.

  10. Living in a beach resort town within Florida brings many Spring breakers to the area. That is definitely one of the first signs that Spring is here.

  11. It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! Wheeeee! (Can you tell that Spring is my favorite season?) I love the new life all around, flowers starting to appear, and an end to the frigid Winters we get here in WNY. Thanks and God Bless!

  12. I would have to say that in AZ, you know Spring is here when Cinco de Mayo rolls around…Margaritas !!!

  13. The start of spring is when I can put on a light jacket to start my walk and see the trees, shrubs, and flower beds starting to bloom!

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