Holiday Kickoff Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Holiday Kickoff Giveaway Hop, hosted by  The Mommy Island & The Kids Did It!

It’s that time again! Or is it? Does it seem like the holiday season starts earlier to you? Is Labor Day too soon? When is it time to put up Christmas decorations? The day after Halloween? The day after Thanksgiving?

Is it too early – please, I sincerely hope it is – for the All Xmas Carol All The Time music channels to start playing everywhere?

When should the holiday season kick off? It seems like a question capable of being endlessly debated, with Thanksgiving and its poor, dried out turkey getting swallowed up in the middle. Maybe someone needs to pull the wishbone to get the best answer!

That IS the question for this hop’s rafflecopter, about when it feels like the holiday season – or what kicks that season off – in your mind. Let us know for a chance at Reading Reality’s usual hop prize, the winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 in books.

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57 thoughts on “Holiday Kickoff Giveaway Hop

  1. I can not have the holidays all jumbled together. Thanksgiving and Halloween in my mind are firmly the fall season and Christmas and New Years are winter. We decorate for Christmas mid to late December, but we do leave our decorations up until after the feast of the Epiphany. I like that I get to enjoy my home all decorated for that time after Christmas after all of the rush to get to the day of.

  2. The holidays start with Labor Day. That’s when you start prepping for Halloween. November 1st is when you start prepping for Thanksgiving. It’s also when I should start prepping for Christmas, as my usual M.O. of waiting for Black Friday is usually too late!

  3. When the Halloween stuff comes out in stores, you know Christmas stuff will follow- that is the beginning of it all to me.

  4. For the Christmas holiday season, it’s Santa in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For Halloween, it’s just October 1. Spooky Season time!

  5. To be honest, I’m not sure, Halloween is over a month away, yet I’m already seeing Thanksgiving decorations at dollar stores!

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