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Are Halloween decorations starting to go up in your neighborhood? Or are they already here? One of our neighbors seems to have hired a service to set theirs up. Which was an interesting thing to watch.

As we have discovered during the two normal years we’ve been in this house – last year was certainly nothing like normal! – we don’t get many trick-or-treaters because we live on a cul-de-sac. We’ll still have candy but don’t expect many takers. Although we’ve heard that the through streets in the subdivision get deluged.

We do have our own living Halloween decoration in Lucifer, but he doesn’t pose in the windows to make the house look seasonally appropriate. But he’s always lurking!

But speaking of Halloween decorations, and waiting for trick-or-treaters, here’s your chance to get a little something to put up, to give out, or to read to put yourself among the holiday spirits.

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102 thoughts on “Howloween Giveaway Hop

  1. I haven’t decorated since the kids moved out. I do like seeing the others in the neighborhood decorating outside. Some have really outdone themselves this year.

  2. My favorite harbinger of Halloween is when the days get shorter and cooler and the leaves begin to change color

  3. I love seeing all the Halloween decorations coming up! We love to drive around and look at them!

  4. My favorite harbingers of Halloween are the cooler temperatures and the falling colorful leaves.

  5. My favorite harbnger of the Halloween season are the changing colors of the leaves and the rain.

  6. The leaves changing color. There is an old field that isn’t used anymore and the woods across from me, woods in back, tress to the right and a corn field to the left of me. The colors fall starts with are gorgeous here.

  7. We don’t like, or celebrate halloween at all….thankfully our house is now far from the road, through a stand of trees so we don’t get any trick-or-treaters ever…and we don’t miss it. The kids are cute tho, when they are not dressed up as evil characters…witches, devils, etc… and I loved to see their cute smiles when I lived in a city. Thanks and God bless!

  8. Tree leaves changing to beautiful fall colors and pumpkins are the harbingers of Halloween for me.

  9. Harbinger? Why do Women always have to sound fancy?
    The cold that keeps everyone inside and makes sure it’s quiet for everyone. unlike in summer where the dumbest of us are out being annoying for months. That is one great “Harbinger”.

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