Blogo-Birthday Birthday Book Celebration and Giveaway!

It tends to sneak up on me, but today is my 66th birthday. Today is also “First Contact Day” in the Star Trek Universe, which is fitting as I’ve been a fan since I first watched the show with my dad as it was originally broadcast. To paraphrase another ‘verse, that’s a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The past is another country, and they do things differently there.

Referring to another fandom I fell into at about the same time, I’m having a Hobbit birthday, meaning that I’m giving away presents instead of getting them. (Galen has already given me my birthday present and any day without one of the cats bringing me what they think of as a present is a good one. Recently it was a dead wasp, which was just a horror on more than one level as our cats are NOT allowed outside.)

Spring has officially sprung, and 2023 is already one quarter over. Meaning that enough reading has happened here at Chez Reading Reality to make a giveaway of my favorite books of the year so far a VERY reasonable possibility.

So I’ll be giving the winner’s choice of one of my favorite books this year so far to one lucky commenter on this post. This giveaway is open internationally, but not through The Book Depository as Amazon has announced the closure of that arm of their book business octopus, effective April 30. Instead, if the winner is outside the U.S. or one of the other countries where there’s a ‘zon outpost, books will be sent from Wordery, which also ships worldwide for free.

The list to choose from is (drumroll, please):

Book Lovers by Emily Henry
Don’t Open the Door by Allison Brennan
The Echo of Old Books by Barbara Davis
Firebreak by Nicole Kornher-Stace
A House with Good Bones by T. Kingfisher
In the Shadow of Lightning by Brian McClellan
The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle
The Lies of the Ajungo by Moses Ose Utomi
The Magician’s Daughter by H.G. Parry
The Mimicking of Known Successes by Malka Older
Never Too Old to Save the World edited by Addie J. King and Alana Joli Abbott
The New Guys by Meredith Bagby
Nightwatch by M.L. Buchman
The Skeleton Key by Erin Kelly
Under Fortunate Stars by Ren Hutchings
The Terraformers by Annalee Newitz
The Weight of Command by Michael Mammay
Where Shadows Dance by C.S. Harris

I’ve done my best to make sure there’s something on this list for everyone, but if I’ve missed your favorite genre and there’s a book you’re dying to read, I’d be happy to share that with you (up to $25 US) instead.

Just let me know in the rafflecopter what book you’d most like to have your very own copy of, from my list or yours, in whatever format suits you best. Someone is going to get very lucky, at least reading-wise!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for not one but two giveaway hops, and be sure to check out this week’s previous giveaways from Monday and Tuesday!

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23 thoughts on “Blogo-Birthday Birthday Book Celebration and Giveaway!

  1. I would love to read The Echo of Old Books. Thanks. Happy Birthday. Best wishes and much happiness.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I would pick one of my wish list books
    Ambrosia by C.N. Crawford

  3. I would pick either The Skeleton Key by Erin Kelly from your list or The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi by Shannon Chakraborty from mine.

    Happiest of birthdays and thank you for a generous giveaway!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the giveaway. I used to watch Star Trek with my dad too. 🙂 I think I would choose a book from off my wishlist of books I am dying to read.

  5. I’d have to go through my wish list to figure that out. something great for sure. Thanks!

  6. Happy Birthday! I don’t know right now which book I’d pick. I’d have to see what comes out when the winning occurs.

  7. Happy birthday and happy First Contact Day, as well!

    I always have such a hard time choosing. I’m thinking maybe Resonance Surge by Nalini Singh.

  8. Happy Birthday!! I would probably choose one that’s been on my wish list 🙂 I’ve been wanting to read Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes

  9. Thank you so much for the giveaway and happy blogoversary! I would love Book Lovers by Emily Henry 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday. I just had my birthday on the 8th and I also turned a double digit. I became 55. I would choose Reflex by Dick Francis. I have most of his books but am trying to get all kindle editions since I can’t hardly read physical books anymore due to some health issues.

  11. I’d love a chance to read House with Good Bones by T.Kingfisher

    Thanks for the chance and happy b-day!

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