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It’s more or less the end of Spring here in the Atlanta area. Planting season (according to friends who plant stuff – I have the black thumb of death) is just about over as it will soon be too hot for new plants to survive. But there are plenty of flowers in bloom right now. And the trees are all fully leafed out, turning the view from our kitchen table back into the treehouse perspective that we bought this house for.

What about where you live? Is everything in bloom, or are there flowers you are still waiting to see this late-Spring? Answer in the rafflecopter for your chance at either a $10 Gift Card from Amazon (more seeds or other gardening stuff) or a $10 Book from the Book Depository (more gardening books, perhaps?)

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144 thoughts on “Love In Bloom Giveaway Hop

  1. I splurged on the mothers day weekend and got a few garden type stuff at the local town garage sale. Then I went to the gardening place and got a metal plant stand that I had looked at that says Welcome. Bought $200 worth of baskets for the front yard area. Last yr we put up a deck and I am utilizing it, I love the area for reading so much.

  2. we are all about the tulips here in oregon! but now it is rose season coming up!

  3. I’m waiting for roses and lilies yet, but a lot of things are in bloom already.

  4. The trees on our street are alive with beautiful pink flowers. I’ve also noticed some tulips, which I love.

  5. Just about everything is blooming here including the tiny purple flowers on the tree in the backyard. Even though i have no idea what kind of tree it is I love it because it attracts lots of butterflies and hummingbirds.

  6. My lilies and the azalea bushes are blooming!! They are so full and pretty!!

  7. I have killed every planet I’ve ever had, so I no longer grow my own. The cottonwood is blowing around with the wind.

  8. Lots of beautiful flowers here. I have a black thumb, so I don’t know what most of them are but my mom loves to garden & has created her own jungle. lol

  9. It’s kind of strange: all I’ve really seen around the neighborhood so far are tulips. Usually, there are many different kinds of flowers. We did have a bizarre start to the spring season, though– mild weather, then a snowstorm, then hail, then rainstorms, then gray and cloudy weather, and now finally “normal” spring weather. I’m hoping to see, well, just some more diversity in the blooms! 🙂

  10. I’m not a fan of flowers and there are none where I live. But there are dandelions and I LOVE them! Such a simple and beautiful pleasure they are.

  11. Spring arrived a little late here this year. Still seeing early spring bulbs and blooms right now. I’m looking forward to seeing the peonies bloom.

  12. Some grass is growing and some white flower that is “shedding” from a tree, I think, as it’s all over everything when I go out to the car! 🙂

  13. CRAB APPLES are blooming but i am waiting for my roses and sunflowers to come up!

  14. Around my neighborhood everyone flowers are starting to bloom.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. The orange blossoms are starting to bloom but we are expecting some colder weather coming back soon.

  16. I honestly don’t know the names of any flowers…lol… but we have loafs of dandelions 😉

  17. Nothing says spring like when my Lilac starts blooming… still anxiously waiting!

  18. “What’s blooming where you live? Or what flowers are you still waiting for?” We have an orchid blooming–indoors!

  19. Nothing is blooming, yet, but the irises and crocuses have begun to peek out of the ground. It’s a little later than usual.

  20. We are heading for winter here in South Africa but have a few flowers still in bloom. Strelitzia is still in bloom and native to South Africa. A really beautiful flower.

  21. Many pretty flowers are blooming where I live (although my favourites are the tulips), but are giving me the sneezes xD

  22. Most of the flowers we have already bloomed and are dying 🙁 The rhododendrons were beautiful this year though!

  23. I haven’t noticed anything blooming yet, but I can’t wait to see tulips!

  24. Everything! We have a lovely cherry tree just 50 feet away from our livingroom window- and the blossoms are AWESOME.

  25. My daffodils and janquils have come and gone – tulips are on their way out. Day lilies and glads are showing their colors with a few iris as well. Star gazer lilies will soon bloom along with the Easter lilies = LOVE THE COLORS IN MY YARD!

  26. Everything is blooming. I live in southern NC where it has been in the 90’s for 2 weeks.

  27. Everything is blooming right now. In fact some things are dieing because it’s so hot

  28. The tulips already bloomed. I think everything else is too water-logged.

  29. Here in NorCal, the orange poppies are blooming everywhere (kind of late this year due to all of the rain we’ve gotten). On the other hand, I was up at Lake Tahoe last week and got snowed on. High country flowers won’t be blooming this year till late July/August.

  30. Lots of bluebonnets! Or at least they were blooming a few weeks ago. It may be too hot here now in TX.

  31. The Lilacs all around here are blooming! Yeah! Thanks and God bless.

  32. My pomegranate tree is blooming! We grow lots of fruits so right now we see the flowers on them.

  33. I am still waiting for most. We did have tulips blooming before the latest cold snowy weather.

  34. Our white tulips are almost done blooming and our purple tulips begin blooming almost as soon as the white ones have died. Not sure why – planted them together!

  35. almost all of our flowers and bushes have bloomed I just love spring when everything blooms. I wanted more flowers in the yard but it’s too late now.

  36. All the flowers I bought and planted are of course blooming. The daffodils and lilacs are done. The irises are still blooming. The lollies are getting ready. The giant whistle is opening up. I havent even planted the morning glories. The peonies are getting ready.

  37. Our hyacinths and poppies have bloomed and now we are waiting on our roses!

  38. I have tons of red roses blooming on bushes that were planted by the birds. They just showed up. The things that grow best are the ones that we didn’t plant.

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