You May Win Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the You May Win Giveaway Hop, hosted by Mama the Fox!

“You May Win” is the opening line to many a giveaway. (Also many a scam, but this is not a scam, this is a bloghop. You really might win.)

Sometimes the prize is something you really, really would love to have. Sometimes its a castle in the air, a dream come true. Sometimes it’s something small but nice that you wouldn’t get for yourself. Usually it’s somewhere in the middle. Of course, there’s always one of the Disney giveaways that feature a night or two in Cinderella’s castle. That really IS a castle in the air.

Whenever I enter a big giveaway, I NEVER expect to win. Even if the game isn’t rigged – like the old McDonald’s Monopoly thing – the odds are really, really, REALLY long. Still it would be nice if it happened once.

The odds here are not really THAT long. You really might win. As per usual, here at Reading Reality you may win your choice of either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository. Just answer the question in the rafflecopter for your very own chance!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And for more fabulous prizes, be sure to visit the other stops on this hop!

MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

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66 thoughts on “You May Win Giveaway Hop

  1. There was a wonderful giveaway hosted on twitter for a signed copy of my favourite book – I so wanted to win it. But I didn’t lol 😀

  2. I entered a contest for my service dog recently, and that’s the one I want to win the most! If you wanna vote, got ot my instagram and vote for Duke (the great dane). The link is in his last pic!

  3. Of all the contests you have ever entered (or even looked at) what was the prize you MOST wanted to win?

    i needa gas stove…i seem to win everything else

  4. I like the larger amount gift cards!!! In all the years of entering giveaways, I have won one $100.00 Amazon giftcard and I almost fainted!!!!!!!!

  5. “Of all the contests you have ever entered (or even looked at) what was the prize you MOST wanted to win?” A huge basket of gourmet foodstuffs?

  6. Well, like most people, it would be so super, awfully helpful and nice to win the lottery, but yeah, not yet.

  7. I have and still would really love to win a robotic vacuum because I hate vacuuming and it would be neat to have one of those.

  8. I’ve entered the HGTV dream home before… I would love to win that one for sure! That would be life changing.

  9. Years back, the ones that struck me most were the complete baby gear prize packs with stroller and playyards.

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