May Flowers Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the May Flowers Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Review Wire!

First, and oldie but a goodie:

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do Mayflowers bring?

The answer, and it’s a groaner of a pun, is PILGRIMS!

But speaking of May flowers – the kind you plant and not the kind that sail, how are the May flowers doing where you live? Not that I have a green thumb, because I certainly don’t! But one of the things that was and presumably still is marvelous about May in the Chicago area where I used to live was the proliferation of peonies. They are one of my favorite flowers! But I don’t see them much down here in the Atlanta area – it’s probably too warm for them – or not cold enough in the winter (which I don’t mind AT ALL!) or something like that.

What’s your favorite springtime flower? Answer in the rafflecopter below for your chance at either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a book, up to $10 in value, from the Book Depository. (This giveaway is open to anyone who lives in a location where either of those prizes is available.)

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135 thoughts on “May Flowers Giveaway Hop

  1. My favorite springtime flower is the lilac. They smell so lovely and are so beautiful with their bunches of tiny flowers.

  2. Peonies. They’re so fluffy, they’re like the bunnies of flowers. They also smell wonderful. I’m a big fan of flowers that are very fragrant.

  3. Love peonies and tulips. Peonies because they so delicate looking and pretty and the Tulips in all colors because they just pop with color & vibrancy ..

  4. I love Honeysuckle because the smell always reminds me of my great grandmother!

  5. What’s your favorite springtime flower? And why?

    Red Carnations,because they are the symbol of the revolution that finally made my country a Democracy

  6. I love hyacinths. I love their colors and their smell is so strong you can smell it if you open the window.

  7. Tulips are my favorite flower. They’re colorful, upright, strong, and look amazing when densely planted. (I just wish they had a more fragrant scent.)

  8. I love tulips. In fact that is how I met my husband was an anonymous gift of tulips. But I have loved them since childhood.

  9. My favorite Springtime flower is geraniums. So many colors, so beautiful, and unique.

  10. I honestly am not very familiar with many flowers… I love sunflowers but those are more summer, right? Ha

  11. Lilacs are my favorite springtime flower, probably because I associate them with my mother and grandmothers.

  12. My favorite flower is lilacs, because they smell so good and they are so pretty!!!

  13. In the springtime, the daffodils are the first to pop up out of the ground in my yard – so I love them as a sign of new growth!

  14. My favorite is the rose because they are beautiful and smell great.

  15. The crocuses used to come up first in the spring when I lived on the prairies. That was a good enough reason to like them for me. Thanks!

  16. “What’s your favorite springtime flower? And why?” Simple, classic roses because they’re pretty!

  17. I donโ€™t know too much about flowers, so Iโ€™m not sure if these are spring flowers, but I love magnolias!

  18. I don’t have a favorite, but I enjoy looking at all of them because of the many color and shape variations.

  19. I love when the Roses start blooming again in Spring because they’re beautiful

  20. I love tulips because there are so many colors and variations. Just wish they lasted longer.

  21. I love tulips as they come is so many pretty colors and they are the first flowers i see popup in the springtime

  22. I like lilacs and tulips. Spring and early summer is so nice with all the flowers and greenery.

  23. I love orchids because they have a unique shape and come in beautiful colors!

  24. I like daffodils because they remind me of my grandma’s yard in spring.

  25. What’s your favorite springtime flower? And why?

    i hate all flowers because thats the way i feel right now,so i have no favorite,so how can you disqualify me..i can lie and say a rose,but i blow those up with cherry bombs..lets just leave it at that

  26. I like yellow roses and white roses because they were my Mother’s favorite flowers.

  27. Lilies are my favorite because they are just so pretty and there are so many different ones.

  28. I love irises because they come in endless varieties, and they are easy to maintain.

  29. Dandelions! Why? Because they are resilient, beautiful, simple, hearty, and prolific. They make me think of children, innocence, and fun.


  30. Daffodils. My childhood hometown was bordered by pine trees that had daffodils planted around them. When a proposal come to widen the highway to a 4 lane the town fought to keep the trees & flowers. So the highway was widen from the other side.

  31. Lilacs especially purple ones are my favorite because of how awesome they smell!

  32. My favorite is carnations! They are an all year flower in my opinion though!

  33. i like daffodils becuase they open for a while longer than some other flowers

  34. My favorite Spring flowers are definitely daffodils. They are my favorite because of the beautiful, bright color. Also, they were also a favorite of my sweet Nana’s. So anything that she loved I naturally love too.

  35. In the springtime, I love to see a huge field of Texas bluebonnets, the state flower. It is truly a gorgeous sight.

  36. I love crocuses because they are the first flowers in my garden to pop up.

  37. Cherry Blossoms because they’re around for such a brief period of time and are so pretty and delicate looking.

  38. My favorite Springtime flower is Lily of the Valley because once mine start blooming I know winter is finally over.

  39. I really love tulips, they come in so many colors ๐Ÿ˜€ Although my favorite are the yellow ones!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. I absolutely love lilacs as we had huge bushes that surrounded our yard when I was a child, we even had an arch of lilacs that we had to pass under to get to our side yard. After we had to sell that house the new owners cut them all down! That broke my heart!

  41. Like Orchids ๐Ÿ™‚ are Orchids spring flowers? not sure, but they are pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Not sure if its a spring time flower, but I love the lilacs, they smell so good. The purple ones are my favorite.,

  43. My favorite Springtime flower is the tulip. They are planted all over town where I work, and they make the space look beautiful.

  44. My favorite Spring time flower is the Daffodil. I love the bright yellow color that dresses up the flower beds after a long winter.

  45. Daffodils – and I have a few hundred in my yard for everyone to enjoy – the beginning of spring – they bring a smile to my face

  46. I love tulips because there are so many color combinations and petal shapes ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. The Bird of paradise flower,because I like to see the hummingbirds when they visit the Bird of paradise flower.

  48. My favorite springtime flower is the tulip ๐ŸŒท because they are beautiful with so many colors to choose from!

  49. I like Daisies. I make flower crowns out of them for my granddaughters.

  50. I like lily of the valley. Smells so good but is only around for a week or two then it’s gone.
    Thanks for the contest.

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