Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the fifth annual Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island.

Life may BE a beach, but whether one can or, more importantly, SHOULD go to the beach in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic is an entirely different question.

I’m not going to the beach, but then again, I’m not much of a “lie out on the beach and read” kind of person. I’m more of an “on the porch with a cat in my lap and a cup of tea” kind of person. And I’ll probably do more of that. Especially as we recently got a kitten who will grow up to look a lot like the cat in the hop image above. Without the sunglasses.

We are missing two trips this summer that might have included beaches. Well, there are beaches on Lake Michigan in Chicago, but I always did like them better as a place to observe the July 4th Fireworks than to sit on to get a tan. The beaches in Wellington NZ look gorgeous, but it might not have been warm enough when we were planning to be there in August. Of course, both trips have been cancelled. C’est la vie.

But I can still dream of sunny beaches, and so can you. What beach were you planning to be on this summer – or what other summer event or activity are you missing this year? Answer in the rafflecopter for your chance to win your choice of either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 in books from the Book Depository.

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182 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop

  1. I am missing seeing friends in person and going out for a coffee to chat and catch up

  2. Our local beaches aren’t open yet even though the weather is perfect. I’m looking forward to a nice beach walk, far from the crowds.

  3. I’m missing seeing my best friend and just sitting outside in the sunny weather together.

  4. The whole family going to my brothers to cook out and swim in their pool!

  5. I miss going to visit my grandparents at their beach city. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  6. I was supposed to go to Crete in August but that’s been cancelled. I had a glamping mini break booked with my girlies too (in June) but that’s also gone… That’s life at the moment but it still sucks. 🙁

  7. I’m not a really social person so I don’t really miss getting together with others, especially crowds. I will miss the “Annual Old Lady Road Trip” I have been taking with my sister at the end of summer.

  8. My daughter was supposed to have her college graduation ceremony this Saturday. I’m really missing that. Sad for all seniors.

  9. I am missing my ten mile yes sale that was suppose to happen in two weeks

  10. I can’t be out in the sun, so nothing’s really changed for me. 😀

    Congrats on the kitten, and thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  11. I’m missing my cousin’s gender reveal and baby shower. It’s their first baby, first grandchild on both sides and I wish we could all celebrate together.

  12. they cancelled the summer concert series in the park here… what a bummer!

  13. I am missing live music. My city offers a lot of great opportunities for really good live music for free or low-cost, and there are so many venues and festivals.

  14. I’m missing all the activities for my kids. We homeschool, so we are used to being home, but we really miss being able to have extracurricular classes in person (instead of on zoom), going to the library, etc.

  15. Going to the beach!!! But we got a pool for the kid that is now taking over our backyard and I am enjoying it with him! Stay safe! 🙂 xo

  16. I’m missing the get togethers and cookout with my children and grandchildren. Hanging out on the porch with neighbors and friends.

  17. I am missing visiting my grandchildren. Between Stay-At-Home orders and the fact I would have to fly on an airplane has negated any travel. I see that continuing for a long time despite what my state and country does as far as “opening up”.

  18. There is a wonderful musical theater program in our city that has been cancelled. I am sad!

  19. Corn hole tournaments! It’s something my husband and his brother and I love to participate in. Everything has been cancelled here.

  20. I’m going to be missing Musical Theatre Nationals at Indiana University! We worked for months to qualify!

  21. We’re missing getting out and about in general, that and visiting family.

  22. All the events near me are cancelled. I think I’m going to miss Summerfest the most.

  23. I’ve been missing my grandkids visits. I also miss my long walks, even on the beach prior to the crowds coming

  24. My father in law and I shared the same birth date…he passed away last month…my June birthday won’t be the same…that is what I’ll miss this summer…

  25. I am missing going to summer concerts the most as they have all been cancelled in our area for the entire year.

  26. I’m missing my families yearly trips to Toronto in the summer. We won’t be going this summer. Also we had planned to go to Niagara & St. Catherines to visit my best friend and her family. Not any more sadly.

  27. We’ll be missing out on our town’s June dairy parade and county fair,we often catch up with friends there.

  28. I am kind of a boring person. I really don’t do much because I work all the time

  29. My daughter’s last season of swim team. She is 18 and has been on the summer swim league every summer since she was 6. They cancelled this summer due to Covid 19 🙁

  30. Well, last month it would have been dance classes in person. Now it’s more not being able to see people or attend different events, like Taste of Cincinnati, etc.


  31. Travelling! This was going to be the summer I fulfilled my lifelong plan to travel to several countries and everything was cancelled!

  32. I’m missing chaperoning my daughter’s end of year field trip and graduation!

  33. I miss our local Senior meals- even though Nekoosa Wisconsin only had them twice a week- it’s a horrible shame the site has closed.

  34. What summer activity or event are you missing the most this year?

    well , all the conventions are canceled and most events that i normally attend are also canceled, so all of them!!


  35. getting out to fish and boat as much as usual and visits from far away family

  36. I’m missing visiting my mom in Assisted Living and parades. Here in Boston where I’m taking care of my 2 grandsons, the 8 year old’s school has teachers in cars parades that go by once a week with a police escort and signs.

  37. I miss spending time with my family. We usually go to my grandma’s house and go swimming quite often this time of the year, but we’re social distancing as a precaution. I also miss spending time with my nephew. He was supposed to stay with us for a few days during his spring break.

  38. We were going to tour colleges with our son, who will be a senior in the fall.

  39. I am missing being able to take my family on a vacation. I had time off scheduled in June, thinking we will have to reschedule for later in the year.

  40. The festivals we have, the local international and art festivals are two favorites of our family

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