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Welcome to the Movie Night Giveaway Hop, hosted by Review Wire Media and Chatty Patty’s Place!

It’s Friday! Once upon a time – back in February – this would probably be “movie night” or at least “date night” for a lot of people. And there were plenty of movies that we were all looking forward to this summer.

There still are movies to look forward to, just not the same one. After all, the film of the original cast production of Hamilton is going to be on Disney+ just in time for the July 4th weekend. So movie night is still possible, it’s just changed. Instead of an evening at a theater, now it’s at home in comfy clothes – or even jammies! And you have to make your own popcorn.

I highly recommend Brown Butter for that popcorn. It’s even yummier than the regular kind and really easy to make.

While I enjoy movies, I’m also very, very fond of the quote below.

For example, Dune. Please don’t judge that book by ANY of the various adaptations, or even the one currently in production (although the cast looks awesome!). The book is still awesome. The movies, at least so far, not so much. Very occasionally the movie is actually better, The Princess Bride for example. Then again, The Princess Bride is perfect.

So, for this hop in celebration of movie night, however you celebrate it, the giveaway will be a bit different from my usual. The winner will receive their choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card (you can get movies from, or on Amazon), a $10 Fandango Gift Card (because movies) or $10 in Books, which could, but don’t have to be, the basis of movies. Now it’s up to YOU!

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179 thoughts on “Movie Night Giveaway Hop

  1. My favorite way to watch a movie is in a theater with assigned seating.

  2. I love watching movies while drinking wine and eating freshly popped popcorn seasoned with Jacobsen’s sea salt!

  3. I seldom watch movies. My attention span isn’t that long and rarely do I find one interesting enough to watch all the way through. On the rare occasions that I watch one it is on TV through Amazon Prime

  4. I enjoy watching movies at home with my husband and our dog Bailey and our cat Jasmine and our bird Doodle.

  5. I prefer watching movies at home. Lately it’s been really nice and cozy to stream a movie alongside my cats, sitting on the bed late at night surrounded by lots of pillows and blankets.

  6. In my living room with my blanket on me and eating my favorite bag of chips!

  7. Lately it has been in my living room but it used to be at the theaters with my crew. thank you

  8. I like watching most movies at home but I do go out to theaters when I can because my wife enjoys it. Thanks

  9. I like sitting at my desk to watch a film. Just something about a comfy chair and having a table there for the snacks. lol

  10. I like the movie theater now and then and hope they can reopen eventually, but my favorite way is snuggling in bed with a good DVD.

  11. I really enjoy watching them at home, in the privacy of my own room.

  12. On a big screen tv, on the couch with plenty of snacks and blankets and pillows

  13. My favorite way to watch a movie is at the movie theater with snacks and a drink, laid back in the recliner.

  14. I don’t watch a lot of movies/tv anymore but, when I do, I like to stream them at home so I can watch in my jammies.

  15. My favorite way is in the media room with family and a big bowl of microwave popcorn!

  16. My favorite way to watch a movie is curled up in my recliner, with a blanket and popcorn.

  17. Sitting in my recliner with fresh coffee, a bottle of flavored water, and chips.

  18. I like to watch movies in the comfort of my own home either by myself or with my family!

  19. I’d rather watch a movie at home where I can be at peace and be able to focus more on the movie. And be more comfy!

  20. We usually just watch movies at home sometimes, but I really love going to the theater once a year or so with my hubby to see a movie. We always get popcorn and soda… makes a great date night!

  21. I love watching movies cuddled on the couch with hubby. Most of the time after we have a large bowl of popcorn and cola.

  22. I prefer seeing movies on the big screen in a theater. But which ever way I have to have popcorn.
    Thanks for the contest.

  23. My favorite way to watch a movie is curled up on the couch with my husband.

  24. Used to be often went to movie theatre when I was a high schooler but now I’m more comfortable to watching movie at home on my smartphone or notebook

  25. I definitely love going to the theatre, otherwise my favorite is curled up on the couch, looking at the big screen, with popcorn and a blanket available.

  26. I really enjoy going to the theater with the grandkids(we have lunch, and dessert, too!) – but I also enjoy watching a good movie on the tv at home

    1. I absolutely love enjoying a movie with my significant other and our cat, Ernie. That way, we can cuddle and we have each other’s company to fully get into the storyline together.

  27. I love to watch movies sitting in my recliner chair with a big bowl of popcorn.

  28. I miss movie theaters so much, that’s the best way to watch movies. But at home with a bowl of popcorn isn’t too bad either 👀👀

  29. I light to dim the lights and enjoy popcorn and other snacks while watching a movie.

  30. My favorite way to watch it is on the big screen in the living room on the couch

  31. I like watching really good action or visually amazing movies in the theater but the rest are great at home.

  32. I love to watch a movie snuggled up with my hubby. We like to have popcorn and m&ms and cant forget the Dr. Pepper.

  33. I like watching movies at home on my couch, with a big bowl of homemade kettle corn.

  34. My favorite way to watch a movie is on the big screen at a local movie theater.

  35. Before Covid I loved to go to the movie theaters. Now I enjoy watching movies on tv at home.

  36. My favorite way to watch a movie is at home lounging on my bed in my pajamas.

  37. I like to watch a movie on my large screen television in the privacy of my home.

  38. I like to watch movies at home because it’s easier to watch with the grandkids.

  39. My favorite way to watch a movie is with my fiancee and lots of snacks and drinks

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