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Welcome to the Hello Autumn Giveaway Hop, hosted by Review Wire Media and Chatty Patty’s Place!

Labor Day may not be until next week, but Fall is certainly on the horizon. The temperatures haven’t really dropped – at all – here in the Atlanta area but the endless summer days have given way to evenings that are shorter if not cooler.

Meteorologically, Autumn doesn’t start until September 22 this year, but that just marks the calendar day when day and night are of equal length. It happens in the Spring, too, but on the upside as the days start getting longer.

Climatologically, it won’t be Fall here until probably late in October at the earliest. On the other hand, when we lived in Anchorage, Fall was usually early September, with a nip already in the air and the possibility of snow before the end of the month. Summers in Anchorage were lovely, winters were interminable, Autumn was so quick that if you blinked you missed it and Spring was mud season.

Here, Summer is hot, Spring and Fall are both lovely, and Winter just kisses us. The leaves do turn and fall, but the snow mostly doesn’t. And I like it that way.

What about you? What’s your favorite season, or your favorite thing about this season? Answer in the rafflecopter for a chance at the choice between a $10 Amazon Gift Card or books from the Book Depository in the same amount. This giveaway is open to all the many, many places that the Book Depository ships!

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171 thoughts on “Hello Autumn Giveaway Hop

  1. My favorite season is autumn and my favorite thing about it is the warm sunny days and the crisp, clear nights.

  2. I like spring and fall, mostly due to the pleasant daytime temps and comfortable sleeping weather. (Hate the sweltering summers and winter snow shoveling.)

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  3. I like the fall season, the air is crisp and has a good feel to it. It’s nice to see all the changes with the plant life too. Usually the temperatures are just right as well.

  4. In the spring I love when the weather starts to turn warmer and you walk outside in the mornings to nice crisp air.

  5. Summer is my favorite season–warm weather, sunny days, tank tops, shorts, sandals–love everything about summer.

  6. I love fall. I love the holidays that go with the season and my anniversary and the college football games and oh the cooler weather.

  7. My favorite season is fall and I love taking road trips around the lake to see the beauty of leaves changing color.

  8. Summer is my favorite season. The long days and balmy evenings. The beautiful blue skies and warmth which is soothing.

  9. My favorite season is the fall when you have crisp cool evenings and mornings along with the colorful changing of the leaves. I love all that.

  10. I love fall, I love waking up to crisp mornings and smelling the chimney smoke coming from the houses in the neighborhood. And then there’s Halloween, which is my favorite time of year

  11. Spring, the pleasant temps, flowers , so colorful and their scent. Just a beautiful season.

  12. I’m a big fan of Spring, though Autumn is a close second. I love moderate weather and the chance to leave the windows open to the fresh air. Thanks

  13. My favorite thing about spring is getting to play outside again! I am a summer sports girl!

  14. I just love the coziness of autumn, tucking in with a blanket and tea, wearing cozy sweathers, and I love the autumn colours!

  15. I love the smell of October. We live where it is hot and evenings in October finally start to cool down. October is my favorite!

  16. I love hoodies and carving pumkpins in Fall, decorating for Christmas in winter, the flowers in spring, and beach and pool days in summer.

  17. I enjoy the changes of each season – prefer when the weather is much cooler and little humidity!

  18. Taking a walk and enjoying the leaves changing colors is very nice. I love pumpkin patches and orchards.

  19. I love spring, when animals awaken from hibernation, flowers start to bloom and new life is all around.

  20. with fall coming I love the cool temps and excitement that just around the corner is the holidays

  21. I love fall because it’s my birthday and I an the only one, still alive, in the family with a birthday in fall!! 🙂

  22. I love the change of colour of the leaves and the cooler temperatures in the Fall. And also Halloween!

  23. My favorite thing about Halloween is getting all dressed up and making the house spooky. 🙂

  24. Fall is the absolute best ❤️ The gloomy days, the falling leaves, the crisp air, pumpkins, so much to love about fall

  25. I love everything about Spring: Longer days, green growing things, birds singing.
    Thanks for the contest.

  26. My favorite season is spring and my favorite thing about it is starting to feel the warmth from the sun

  27. I love the cooler weather and the fall foliage; even though I don’t get to see much of either anymore since I moved to FL.

  28. What’s your favorite thing about your favorite season?

    that i can finally enjoy the pool in the summer

  29. My favorite thing about my favorite season, Spring, are all the beautiful flowers. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I love winter because I love everything about Christmas….from baking, to decorating to buying gifts!

  31. Fall is my favorite season because of the crisp, cool air, the smell of a fireplace burning. We don’t get much fall colors here in the high desert of SoCal. Thank you for the giveaway.

  32. I love fall. I love how the leaves change colors. It makes it the most beautiful time of the year

  33. My favorite thing about my favorite season (which is fall) is the cooler weather! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. My favorite season is winter and my favorite thing about it is all the festivities and holidays.

  35. Normally my favorite thing about my favorite season (fall) is kids going back to school and getting the house organized after summer. This year is alittle different with remote learning but I am trying to do what I can to still organize as I can.

  36. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, fall baking, the smells, the leaves changing, and Halloween & Thanksgiving!

  37. I love fall. I love decorating and going to festivals. It’s so cool and crisp in the mornings

  38. I love and enjoy Autumn season, for so many reasons. I think to start out its just a way for me to release and let go and start breathing in new and warmth.

  39. My favorite thing about my favorite season of Fall is the changing of the color of the leaves.

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