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Now that our cats have finally figured out how to use the cat door to the catio – it’s only been five years, after all – we’re starting to see this phenomenon in our very own house. George or Luna goes out by themselves and then looks soulfully through one of the windows in a – frequently successful – attempt to lure either the other one out OR, even better, to get one of the humans to come out and play with them. It’s adorable!

Around the neighborhood, however, that “come out and play” thing is being repeated up and down the block with slightly taller, two-legged children. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that the puppy dog eyes are pretty much the same on the faces of children of all species.

Since the theme of this blog hop is “Come Out and Play”, consider this an invitation to come into my blog and play at a chance of one of Reading Reality’s usual prizes, the winner’s choice of either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 in Books.

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84 thoughts on “Come Out and Play Giveaway Hop

  1. I remember how long the days were, it seemed like you just had hours and hours of daylight to play in. You could even go back outside to play after dinner, as long as you’d eaten all of your vegetables, lol

  2. I remember being given a home made popsicle to take outside to sit on the swing set to eat.

  3. I remember going on long bike rides all over the city, playing at the park, going to the swimming pool and meeting friends around the corner and playing marbles, roller skating and enjoying the long and beautiful summer days that seemed endless and perfect.

  4. Just how long and satisfying the evenings were. We’d all go home so tired and happy.

  5. well growing up on a farm we had a pond and we spent a lot of time swimming in it

  6. We played outside all day long with the big group of neighbor kids.

  7. Biking from friend house to friend house and explore the area until the street lights came on and it was time to go home.

  8. When I was younger my Aunt had a cottage on a lake and we always went swimming in the summer!

  9. I remember putting my dog in the Burley and biking to McDonalds for ice cream!

  10. I remember running through the sprinklers in the yard during the summer months when I was a kid.

  11. We lived out in the country and played outside doing a little bit of everything. We for long walks.

  12. I had a neighbor that would come over every morning to come jump on our trampoline with my brother and me, it was also so much fun!!

  13. Summertime growing up in my neighborhood was amazing. There was always something going on at our plaza…art shows, sidewalk sales, lumberjack competitions, bands…it was a real community gathering place. We also had a terrific community pool and our library had summer reading programs and summer acting workshops for kids. Then there was the 4th of July carnival. That’s on top of nightly games of tag, hide and seek, or softball until the streetlights came on and you had to go home.

  14. What I remember best is playing baseball with my sister and the dog to chase the ball.

  15. I remember playing outside with my friends until the street lights turned on!

  16. My favorite summer memories revolve around our backyard pool. The feeling of cool water against the summer heat, the laughter and splash fights, and the pure joy of jumping in to create the biggest splash possible. I fondly remember the afternoons spent floating lazily, lost in my thoughts, and the barbecue parties that inevitably ended with everyone taking a dive. Those were carefree, sun-soaked days that encapsulated the spirit of summer for me

  17. One of my favorite childhood memories is play “kick the can” with all the neighborhood kids at sunset with the lightning bugs blinking

  18. I remember playing with all the neighborhood kids until the street lights came on. We played tag, hide & seek, and rode bikes!

  19. I loved being outside as a kid and I still do! I used to love playing in our pool in summertime when I was little! We used to go around and around in the pool and make the water into a whirlpool. So fun!

  20. I remember playing outside with the neighborhood/babysitter kids until the streetlights came on. We would run around, build things, put on our made up plays, and make ramps to ride our bikes on.

  21. I remember long, lazy summer days and being able to stay out until dark when I was younger and well after when I was a little older.

  22. I remember playing with my friends until the street lights came on then it was time to head home.

  23. I remember have a kiddie pool and having my Barbies in there with me in their bathing suits.

  24. Running through the sprinklers with friends was always so much fun. You got me thinking, maybe we should take it up again as adults!

  25. Summer Jump rope games with my friends, the chants like “Miss Suzie had a Baby” were fun.

  26. Gosh, me and my 4 siblings would often play Yellow Submarine and Lost in Space for hours in a giant refrigerator box in our back yard! Gosh, sweet memories! Thanks and God bless!

  27. Swimming! From when I was little at my grandparents’ to now at my house. Always one of my favorite activities and most nostalgic memories.

  28. I remember spending almost a whole month at grandma and grandpas place. We pick fruits and veggies from the gardens. We run through the cornfields. We pick mulberries from the trees and eat them while sitting on the big gas tank. So much fun!

  29. I remember playing all over our farm during the summer. I would explore all the nooks and crannies.

  30. I remember all the games we played in the yard like “Red Rover” and “Mother May I” as well as riding bikes and sometimes just playing in the hose.

  31. We would paly this game where we’d be running around, and every time a car drove by, we would stop and freeze. It was so much fun.

  32. Probably not the best memories. But my neighbor friends and I would often get into mischief by doing stupid stuff. Jumping off bridges and pulling pranks on neighbors to name a few.

  33. I remember staying out later because the days were longer, running after the ice cream truck and swimming in the lake.

  34. I would spend a lot of time with my cousins during the summers. We would swim, have sleep overs, play games and make memories! Thank you for the opportunity!

  35. Always loved catching fireflies / lightning bugs as a kid at dusk & early evening.

  36. From my childhood, riding bikes in the neighborhood and then losing track of time and not realizing we had rode almost 1 mile down the road

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