Star Spangled Giveaway Hop

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To go to the fireworks, or not go to the fireworks, that is the question. It’s July 1, the Fourth of July celebrations are later in the week, and some of us are managing a four-day weekend for the holiday. But Thursday night, or Wednesday night, there will be fireworks somewhere nearby.

For our furry friends, there will be too many fireworks WAY too close. All week. It’s a hard week for the cats and dogs who live with us.

I remember attending the local fireworks display in our little suburb of Cincy when I was a child. Impatiently waiting for it to get dark enough to start the show. The place we went doesn’t exist anymore. But then, I’m not there either, and the shows are bright in memory all the same.

In Alaska we didn’t go, for two reasons. The fireworks didn’t start until midnight, and even then, it wasn’t dark enough to be able to see much. C’est la vie – or c’est la view, as I originally typed.

We’re in a new neighborhood this Fourth, so we may go see the local show. Or we may be close enough to see it from our front porch whether we go or not. We’ll see.

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