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To go to the fireworks, or not go to the fireworks, that is the question. It’s July 1, the Fourth of July celebrations are later in the week, and some of us are managing a four-day weekend for the holiday. But Thursday night, or Wednesday night, there will be fireworks somewhere nearby.

For our furry friends, there will be too many fireworks WAY too close. All week. It’s a hard week for the cats and dogs who live with us.

I remember attending the local fireworks display in our little suburb of Cincy when I was a child. Impatiently waiting for it to get dark enough to start the show. The place we went doesn’t exist anymore. But then, I’m not there either, and the shows are bright in memory all the same.

In Alaska we didn’t go, for two reasons. The fireworks didn’t start until midnight, and even then, it wasn’t dark enough to be able to see much. C’est la vie – or c’est la view, as I originally typed.

We’re in a new neighborhood this Fourth, so we may go see the local show. Or we may be close enough to see it from our front porch whether we go or not. We’ll see.

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183 thoughts on “Star Spangled Giveaway Hop

  1. My favorite tradition comes from my childhood when my hometown used to have a huge carnival over the 4th.

  2. I love being outside, BBQing, enjoying the sunshine, and at nighttime watching the fireworks. And of course, spending the day with loved ones <3

  3. My favorite summer tradition is always going to see fireworks! Every weekend there are some somewhere and we try t o go see them.

  4. We don’t celebrate the 4th of July Independence Day in Ireland but summer to me means simply getting out in the fresh air. I’m lucky enough to live in a rural area surrounded by beautiful scenery.

  5. No traditions for 4th of July. Don’t do anything for it. Stay home and try to stay cool. Not a huge fan of the summer.

  6. I really don’t have a summer tradition or 4th of July tradition. I was in the hospital last year on 4th of July and this year on the 5th of July I have to go get an MRI. I have many dr. appts. and just try to keep going.

  7. I’m not really sure that I have one. I guess I like some of the fruit like watermelons. I walk and try to avoid sinus infections.

  8. Can’t think of anything because we just don’t have anything special, or do anything special, no vacations or the like… I’d say have ice cream, but we do that regardless of the time of year! LOL

  9. My favorite 4th of July tradition would be hosting a huge BBQ and making lots of memories with loved ones.

  10. I usually try to catch one of the various fireworks displays in the area But, this year, I’ll probably just take the opportunity to catch up on rest.

  11. Our favorite July 4th tradition starts with visit to the cemetery to see my dad’s grave. Then we go to a neighbor’s BBQ party.

  12. My birthday is in July, and my favorite thing is to head to Souplantation with a book and sit eating and reading for hours. Heaven!

  13. For years I went to my friends lake house for a bbq and fireworks, but they moved so now it’s time to find a new tradition.

  14. I come from a small town called Munger, Michigan. Every year they have a potato festival the last weekend in July with 3 nights of demolition and figure-8 derbies. It’s my favorite summer event!

  15. OH YES, very traditional with what we do and foods we have ๐Ÿ™‚
    always, the parade in am, beach for picnic or bbq, fireworks at night over ocean, river and old downtown.
    IT is a big, long day of fun for the whole family

  16. “What’s your favorite July 4th (or summer) tradition?” Hamburgers and/or hot dogs with ketchup and mustard!

  17. My favorite summer tradition is lots more grilled meals. We just got a new large outdoor griddle this year to make even more outside meals.

  18. when I was younger would gold pan in the summer now I just stay indoor out of the sun . on pills that I do not do well in the sunlight.

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