Blue Galaxy

So I read Mako’s Bounty a little while ago and really liked it. Then I remembered that I had another little SFR treat by Diane Dooley tucked away on my iPad.

Diane Dooley’s Blue Galaxy is a short, romantic and sexy science fiction romance. It’s a story where you think you know the characters; the hard-bitten, hard-drinking ship captain on his last voyage and his last credit, and the naive upper-class young woman who will redeem his honor, while he saves her from life as some older warlord’s chattel bride.

If that were the story, as long as it ended in an HEA, if the characters were written well and the adventures were fun, (and the sex was smokin’ hot) it could make for a damn fine story.

Captain Javan Rhodes is pretty much as described. Han Solo without Chewie, if Leia had told him to take a hike. Only way further down on his luck and he never loved her anyway. He’s a war hero that slid really far down the seamier side of the space lanes.

However (ahem), Sola is much, much more than the innocent blue-blood Javan thinks she is. Is he rescuing her, or is she rescuing him? And exactly how much of the galaxy is chasing after them?

Escape Rating B+: This was just plain fun. I loved the twist at the end. I just wish I knew more about the world. And I wish there were more story. Are there any more Javans out there?

Word to the wise ebook romance junkie. Subscribe to the Carina Press newsfeed from your purveyor of choice, be it email, Facebook or Twitter. Their sales or specials are worth knowing about. For their one-year anniversary they gave away an ebook a day, Blue Galaxy was one of the books I “bought” during that giveaway, and I’m so very glad I did.