Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor

Every Star Trek fan has wanted Scotty to “beam them up”.

But Amber doesn’t want an engineer, she wants an alpha male with the body of a Viking hero and the same interest in history that she has. In fact, when Amber puts her wish list together in Myra Nour’s Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor, the title pretty much sums up her perfect man.

Sounds like an impossible dream, and that’s just what Amber figures it is, a dream. Especially when her best friend Sarah tells her that she found her husband by praying to some Goddess in the middle-of-nowhere South America.

But what does Amber have to lose? South America is a nice place to vacation. Isn’t it?

So when she visits Sarah’s Goddess, and makes her offering, she expects nothing. Still, she dreams up her ideal man. That alpha male explorer, space traveler, historian, and oh yeah, alien.

Then she has the best erotic dream she’s ever had, and the star of the show is her perfect man. And is he ever perfect! In every possible way.

Then she wakes up. On his space ship. And discovers that her fantastic erotic dream–really happened.

Ryja travels the galaxy, and aboard his ship he has a time machine. He’s come to Earth to study its history. He couldn’t be a more ideal man for Amber, except for one major problem. His mission will only last for just a few short months, and then he’ll be travelling on. Amber isn’t looking for a fling, she’s playing for keeps.

Can this intergalactic love match find happiness among the stars?

Escape Rating B-: This isn’t so much science fiction romance as it is wish-fulfillment romance. Considered in that light, it is a blast of a good time. Amber dreams up a perfect man, and gets one perfect for her, with all the coolest toys imaginable.

I liked how the author dealt with the science fiction geek-speak, by not doing it. Ryja was not an engineer, so he didn’t pretend. Most of us don’t know how a TV works, we just click the remote. Most people wouldn’t know the ins and outs of their technology, they’d just use it. This kept from drowning the reader in polysyllabic pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo and went straight to the “good stuff”.

And it was very good stuff.


2 thoughts on “Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor

  1. It does sound like a fantastic summer afternoon read!

    Plus, if I am getting abducted by aliens I want them to be super hot! Yes, I am picky about who I get kidnapped by LOL

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