Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the second annual Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop, hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island.

Every summer the publishers come out with a whole bunch of books they label as “beach reads”. It usually means that someone thinks those books are light and frothy like the surf, even if (or often especially because) those books are multi-hundred page family saga/melodrama/romance potboilers. Plenty of sex and sin to while away those hours reading by the beach. Assuming that anybody has time for that anymore, and that we aren’t all back in the beach house slathered in SPF 100.

But about those beach reads, whether you plan to read them on a beach, or at home in air conditioned comfort.

The Everygirl has a great chart to help choose your summer beach reads. It starts with the most important thing – what you are planning to order by Starbucks – before it gets to the more important bookish choices between time travel and invisibility.

What about you? Do you take books to the beach? Or on vacation? How do you decide what to take? (I have an iPad, I take EVERYTHING!) What are you planning to, or hoping to, read this summer?

Share your top picks for your summer beach reads for a chance at a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository, so you can get started on your very own beach reads list.

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131 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach Giveaway Hop

  1. I want to read some chick lit this summer, want to read Rainbow Rowell and Jojoy Moyes especially.

  2. I love to read romance books at the beach! I also love to read anything from Sue Grafton!

  3. I want to read You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan this summer.

  4. I love books that are lighthearted during summer. Books also like Jude Devereaux’s Nantucket Brides trilogy. Amazing ..
    Carol L

  5. I don’t really have a book that I am waiting to read. I mostly stick to mysteries. I have quite a few on my Kindle list that I am waiting to read. I actually just won a mystery that I am a little nervous to read. It seems a town in inundated with suicides and the search is on to see if it’s a serial killer. I lost my daughter to suicide so I’m not sure if I will even be able to get through it.
    Janice Crespo recently posted..May is Mental Health Awareness MonthMy Profile

  6. Not too sure, haven’t really thought about it.. maybe Janet Evanovich’s newest.

  7. I enjoy reading light mysteries like Laura Childs, Janet evanovich or maybe a Debbie Macomber book.

  8. I like to read outside in the shade, usually a paperback romance.

  9. I don’t go out in the sun, but I like a light mystery or sff on those lazy summer days.

  10. I have been looking at The Young Wives Club by Julie Pennell for one beach read this season.

  11. Depends on my mood , sometimes it’s Harry Potter and sometimes is anything by Sherrilyn Kenyon

  12. Thanks for the giveaway; I like to read mermaid books in the summer. 🙂

  13. What book do you most want to read this summer? Or what is your favorite beach read?

    im eyeing a book about one of Manets models..cant wait to get my hands on it

  14. I’m looking forward to reading several new books. Black and Green by CL Stone is one of them.

  15. I’m super excited to read Forever and Always Lara Jean this summer! 🙂

  16. I’m looking forward to reading/finishing A.L. Jackson’s Bleeding Stars series, and also to picking up some contemporary fiction.

  17. I’m hoping to fit in a re-read of A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley, I really liked it years ago when I was teenager and I noticed it on my shelf a few weeks ago and thought maybe it would be a good time to revisit it as an adult.

  18. Any book is a beach read, to me. I’d probably re-read Stephen King’s “It”.

  19. I just received a bunch of books to read this summer. I’m gong to start with those. I love reading and will usually read anything. My last read was recommended by a co-worker called 13 Reasons Why.

  20. I’m really looking forward to reading Better at Weddings Than You by Mina V. Esguerra. I love her writing style and characters, so I feel like I’d enjoy this as well.

  21. I haven’t read A Court of Wings & Ruin by Sarah J. Maas yet, so I am waiting for the book to come in.

  22. Aurora Rose Reynolds has one coming out next week that would make a perfect beach read, Until Sage

  23. When to Rob a Bank (Freakonomics #4)
    by Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner

  24. This summer looking forward to read Every Little Kiss by Marina Adair 🙂

  25. I’m waiting for my library to get in a copy of Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

  26. I have no idea which one their are so many,when I go to the beach bring my nook and have 3500 choices ,depends on my mood

  27. I’m dying for White Hot and Wildfire by Ilona Andrews. We’ve been waiting 2 years for them and they are both finally being released this summer.

  28. I like to read almost anything and especially while laying out in the sun at the beach. I am probably gonna be reading some nonfiction this summer about somewhere I want to travel soon.

  29. I am currently recommending a new series by P. Jameson and the debut book from it called “Heart of Gold.”

  30. Well, I don’t really read books but I do read a ton of cookbooks if that would count. I have also never been to a beach before. So I guess I would go for a gift card.

  31. The rest of Maria V. Snyder’s Study series. I’ve only read the Poison Study book, still need to catch up on the rest of the story.

  32. My favorite beach reads are anything in the thriller genre.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  33. My favorite beach read would be something light yet intriguing. I would probably go with a Stephen King or David Sedaris book.

  34. The book I want to read this summer is Gwendy’s Button Box, by Stephen King 🙂

  35. I recently discovered an awesome horror fiction author, Ania Ahlborn, I would love to read all her books. I just started a second one!

  36. I am hoping to read a few books by VC Andrews that have been on the shelf for about 2 years now.

  37. I want to read PS I Still Love You and Always and Forever Lara Jean by Jenny Han because I enjoyed the first book and was waiting for all three to be released before finishing the series.

  38. The Fireman by Joe Hill
    The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee
    Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood

  39. I want to read the Wait For You series by Jennifer Armentrout aka J. Lynn.

  40. At the moment I most want to read The Lucky One (Carolina Connections Book 3) by Sylvie Stewart. It looks like a fun read & summer reading needs to be light-hearted and happy.

  41. I’ve been wanting to re-read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King for some time.

  42. I don’t even know what to read next. I read a lot of holistic medical, psychology, education, and history books, etc. (I’m a bit of a nerd.) I would love to find something different and relaxing.

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