Stacking the Shelves (257)

Stacking the Shelves

Yet another week where my eyes were bigger than the amount of reading time I’ll have available. But I just couldn’t resist. Or had other reasons that made resistance not an option.

I’m really curious about The Awkward Squad. It sounds a lot like one of my favorite British TV mysteries, New Tricks. Speaking of TV shows, the first Ravi PI mystery, Her Nightly Embrace, read very much like episodes of the TV series, even though that seems to still be in development. But the first one was fun, so I’m willing to give the second a go.

For Review:

The Awkward Squad (Anne Capestan #1) by Sophie Henaff
Chicago by David Mamet
Dogs at the Perimeter by Madeleine Thien
The End of the World Running Club by Adrian J. Walker
Her Beautiful Monster (Ravi PI #2) by Adi Tantimedh
In the Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende
Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan
The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman
A Scandal in Battersea (Elemental Masters #12) by Mercedes Lackey
The Second Coming of the KKK by Linda Gordon
Smile by Roddy Doyle
Start Without Me by Joshua Max Feldman
Stranger Magics by Ash Fitzsimmons

6 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (257)

  1. My brain is fried and not currently capable of non-work-related deep thought, so I can’t even bring myself to check out some of the more challenging selections here. 🙂 That said, I’m really tempted by The End of the World Running Club. I put it on my wish list. And I hope you do read/review the Lackey book. I’ve been underwhelmed by the Elemental Masters books that I have read, but a Sherlock Holmes-inspired one might have promise.

  2. I still am not an e-reader! I have 2 Kindles and 1 Kobo plus my iPad, and I still prefer to buy traditional books. There are worse addictions! Enjoy all your goodies!

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