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And welcome to my second blog hop of the week. I’m on vacation, so you have more chances to win either a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a $10 Book from the Book Depository.

This is a back-to-school themed hop. I don’t have children, so it seems weird to me that we’re already talking about back to school and we’re not that far into August. In my mind, and admittedly a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, school didn’t start until after Labor Day. Even college. Lots of my friends went to colleges that started the fall semester in mid-to-late-August, but mine didn’t start until mid-September or thereabouts.

The Gwinnett County Schools, the system where I live now, have already started! That just seems much too early. And too hot. But then I’m remembering schools that were not air conditioned, which I presume is no longer the case. Both June and September in Cincinnati could be pretty beastly hot. Being there in August would have been unrealistic unless they were air conditioned, which they most definitely were not at the time. But undoubtedly are now. Time marches on.

And now it’s time to march into the rafflecopter for your chance at the prize!

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169 thoughts on “A+ Giveaway Hop

  1. I love to read and I would read books that were more fiction but it would be at night. During the day it was camp or outdoors.

  2. When you were in school was summer a time to read more or to forget about books until fall?

    well,in the summer i was mostly in the beach or playing whit friend’s…..but on occasion i would stop a bit to read!!!

  3. We didn’t have any required reading, but sometimes teachers would encourage the parents to give books to their kids. I only remember fondly a couple of those, because the rest were very generic stuff that didn’t grab my attention, like for example Un Trou Dans Le Grillage (town with a secret), and another one about a very clumsy pirate.

  4. I always had my head buried in a book! Wheather at home or school! I was the 1 kid always being told to PUT DOWN the book!

  5. I don’t remember much about it as a kid, but far more recently during all my years of going to college it was when I could finally read the non-class related books that I had piling up during the semesters.

  6. “When you were in school was summer a time to read more or to forget about books until fall?” I was a big reader, so I guess I read all the time, also, but I just remember watching nothing but TV, TV, TV.

  7. I love to read as much as I can in the summer. I actually have spent most of my spare time this summer in the public library. 🙂

  8. When I was a child I would read all the time! I read at the pool, at the beach, when I was bored and when we traveled. We made at least one trip a week to the library if not two.

  9. Summer time was more reading, we actually had a summer reading list for the school year that we had to do over summer which i loved since im a huge bookworm

  10. Summer for me was a time to read fun things and novels. I was a bit on the nerd side so that actually meant real classics like Crime and Punishment.

  11. I usually saved books for when school started and the weather got colder. I spent summers playing outside and swimming.

  12. I have to admit I didn’t read much when I was on summer break when I was in school. I guess I was too worried about going to the beach with a boy!!(HA)

  13. When I was younger when school let out it was time to be outside all summer. We lived on a farm so there was a lot of fun things to do

  14. When I was younger, I didn’t think much about reading in the summer, but as I got older I really enjoyed reading books.

  15. My parents made a point to take us to the library twice a month so we kept up with a bit of reading, but we definitely read more during the school semester.

  16. It depends. I went through phases. Some years I’d read constantly, and other years I thought of reading as boring. Probably typical kid indecision. Lol

  17. Summer meant I could read for hours on end! Some days I basically only stopped reading to eat meals and get a few hours of sleep.

  18. My sister and I would spend out summers reading outdoors, in our beds, sprawled out down stairs in the basement, in the car, in our tent while camping, on the boat with our parents, at camp, etc. We always had a book in our hands. Our family and friends knew that gifts to us should be either books we like or gift cards to buy more books!

  19. I loved to read any time and still do. Summer time (especially rainy days) were a time to read. Now I do it on the beach.

  20. When I was in school, schools did not require summer reading but I loved to do the summer reading program through the library.

  21. I probably did not read as much as I should have over the summer when I was a kid. I did play outside a lot though.

  22. I have always loved to read so I would read year round, but definitely more in the summer. I did play with my friends but I’ve always been an introvert so I needed the quiet “me” time that I would usually spend reading.

  23. I read more in the summer but the difference was that I read what I wanted to read and it was not assigned to me by someone else.

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